Day 49

Y’all, I slept in so good this morning!

LG is used to waking up super early, so his sleeping in is like 8:30-9ish. (When we were in our honeymoon, I trained that right out of him AND I got him to nap hahaha!) So on Saturdays, he wakes up and does his own thing while I sleep. This morning, he ran a couple of loads of laundry, made breakfast, and watched Southpaw.

Eventually I rolled out of bed and made my way downstairs. He was totally engrossed in the movie – eyes wide, mouth opened, arms crossed. He had snapped me the breakfast he made so I knew what was waiting on the table. When I saw the pancakes I wondered if he had run out to buy syrup which got me really excited – he hadn’t. Sad.

It turns out he made healthy banana ‘pancakes’ (banana, eggs, milk) and boiled and then lighted pan fried (seared? made brown?) the smokies. It was rather yummy (although I was really wanting that syrup!).


I went back upstairs to do my nails and he trimmed his hairy face. He went around the house with the vacuum afterwards since he had to vacuum up the hairs anyways. He took a quick shower and that’s when I figured I had just enough time to whip up some popcorn on the stove.

It was my first time making popcorn in our home. Making something familiar in an unfamiliar setting always makes the end product questionable. I was working with a different stove and a different pot and new oven mitts (this is me being funny, but seriously though they are pretty cute). I didn’t want to overcrowd the pot with kernals, and I ended up making the most pitiful amount of popcorn. It only filled half the pot and my smallest mixing bowl.

We brought it over just like that to A and K’s for small group fellowship. It was a good discussion on Romans 3:9-26. A and K put out snacks for us to share as usual, and I shoved the tiny bowl of popcorn into the mix too. I’m glad to say it was a hit! Unless, of course, they were all just being nice 😦

In case you were wondering, I think it turned out a bit better than usual because: the oil container that I use doesn’t pour as quickly as the one at my mom’s house so I didn’t use as much oil; the pot doesn’t have as many ridges on the bottom as my mom’s so I think the salt stuck better to the popcorn; also I have a feeling that my electric stove had something to do with it too (versus Mom’s gas stove). I don’t know. I’ll see how the next batch turns out.


I wanted to go to Bambi for dinner. I looked over at E and S, and they said they were going to have dinner with B because B was heading back to school tomorrow. Long story short, we made plans to go to Magic Wok for 7:45 (by then it was about 6:10ish). We sat around a bit more to talk and slowly we all trickled out the door.

LG and I were the last to leave. It was at this point that I decided to share something that was pressing on my heart to tell her. Most of the time during our small group, I had this feeling to share with her and I was itching to get home so I could send her an email to let her know (I sound more put together on paper/vitural paper). Then I thought that I would share during prayer time, or when we were all chatting…but I kept chickening out. So when we were standing by the door with our shoes and jackets on, I thought I guess I’m sending her an email; but the feeling kept pushing so I just spat it out. I’m glad that I didn’t chicken out. We got to talk about it a little bit and hug it out 🙂

By the time we got to the car, we still had a bit of time before we had to get to the restaurant. We drove towards to bbt place by the new movie theatre. I went in while LG circled the parking lot. There was this couple in identical Canada Goose army patterned jackets (who am I to talk, LG and I have been intentionally matching on several occasions now) in front of me. At first they were hugging and then he had his arm around her and then all of a sudden she stormed away. He yelled something at her and she flipped her head around and gave him a mean look and kept walking. Most bizarre.

I ended up getting a new drink with the free voucher A got me along with the tumbler. Lemon green tea. Ehh…it was okay. Super tangy and it had a bit of an aftertaste which was weird. I couldn’t place it. I don’t think I’ll be getting it again. (EDIT: never going to get it again.)


We made it to the restaurant around 7:30 and decided to go in to sip on tea and think about what to order. Joking! We knew exactly what we were going to order because it is always the same. Mom and J got there next, followed by B, G and yee. But right after them, E and S walked through the door. If you go to my post from back in October 2013, you’ll basically see the exact dishes we got today. Tonight we ordered nine dishes; eight of the nine are pictured in that old post. The only dish that is different is a spinach dish that is a relatively new addition (maybe a little over a year old) to our order. In the old post, we had lobster, a fish/veggie dish, a pork chip dish, and an extra order of chicken (made in a different way) that we didn’t get tonight – mostly because those are the more expensive dishes and also we didn’t need chicken two ways for just the nine of us.

Tomorrow is Sunday! Which means church and the age old question: where are we going for lunch?

AND we actually have plans tomorrow, like how fun are we that we’re not just planning on going home to nap after lunch haha 😀


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