Day 50

I had a hard time sleeping last night. I don’t know why; it isn’t like I napped or anything. Anyways, I filled my time with reading through my old posts – particularly the ones in Japan. SAD.

Anyways, I still…LG still managed to get me out of bed this morning lol, and we got to church on time (ish). He tried to tell me that I had seven minutes to get out of bed and that was when I asked him to make me a smoothie 😀 That kept him occupied and me in bed for an extra fifteen 😉

He helped straighten my hair in the back, I got ready, and then we were both out the door in the icky cold rain. Rain is bad as it is, but when it is cold and raining…ew.

Now you can see our usual load into the car had an addition of the smoothie. LG used a whole banana (usually it is just a half) in it and it was awesome! I’ve also been drinking a different coffee; I rotate between three different kinds – maybe I’ll write a separate post about that another time.


Today took a whole millennium to decide where to eat. My sister didn’t come to church today, E and S were driving B back to school; so it was just me and LG and mom. I’ve been wanting fried noodles. They wanted sushi. We had Costco hot dogs. I know, right? How did we even end up with that?? We had to go there to pick up a few things and Mom had to pick up her pictures too. We tried to figure out something to eat in that area, and then Mom jokingly suggested we just eat hot dogs. I jumped on it and made it a reality.

Not bad. Not bad.


It was while we were walking around that we decided to have tacos this week (thanks T for the inspiration!). We also escaped the claws of Costco without spending over a hundred dollars. Good job, us.

We parted with Mom in the parking lot and made our way to far, far away land to visit LG’s brother J and K and the baby C. LG was going to watch Star Wars (again -.-) at the IMAX theatre. That’s cool. That’s fine. I just snuggled and cuddled and coo-ed and ahh-ed and made silly faces with the baby and all her chunky baby glory. It was really nice to be able to spend good quality bonding time with K too.


J and LG came back and we all talked a bit longer, but it was getting late and we had a long way home so we left after a little while.

Lazy Wife Award of the Weekend goes to me today. I made spicy Korean instant noodles and tried to ‘fancy’ it up with chicken, a few leftover smokies, and an egg. Obviously I cook to eat and not to blog, because those eggs are so sad looking. It didn’t taste sad though, so I guess that’s a bonus.


I haven’t thought of what to make tomorrow. It might just be another lazy meal – maybe udon? Tuesday, we’re going to do tacos with my mom and sister. Wednesday, he eats with his mom and dad (and brothers). Thursday…I don’t know. Kinda hoping there’s some leftover taco stuff and we can just do a variation of that on Thursday. And then it’ll be Friday again for FND!

What do you all have planned to feed yourselves this week?


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