Day 52

If the last two nights haven’t been counted against me, then tonight was definitely my night to get the real award :p

The timing worked out where I was able to pick my sister up from the Go station, pick up the lettuce and tomatoes, and still get home with enough time to lounge a bit before my mom and LG got home.

My sister and I sat and snacked and watched Friends. I really should have used that time to nap, but I hadn’t watched Friends in so long!

LG called and said he had just left work. That’s when I started to do the prep stuff. About half hour later, my mom texted and said she was on the way too.

I cut up the tomatoes, chopped up some lettuce, and then I started the ground beef. When the meat was cooked, I poured it into a strainer to strain out the grease and icky stuff (Mom taught me that); then I put it all back in the pot and added the taco seasoning. As that was sitting on the stove getting all yummy, I dished out the salsa and sour cream and put some cheese into a bowl.image

Originally, I put all the stuff on the table with place mats and everything, but it looked so cluttered and crowded and how would we even have enough space to eat?  So I wandered down to the basement (since we’ve come into possession of the house, I’ve been down there less than five times) and grabbed the two inserts to extend the table. I really only wanted to put one in, because the two would have made the table too long for just the four of us…but I wasn’t sure if you could even do that. Anyways, I beckoned my sister up off the couch and we each pulled at the table. Wouldn’t you know it, it did work with only one insert. Good job, us!

LG was mid-shower when Mom walked into the house. She was able to sit a bit after a long day while I reset the table and dished out the meat. LG came down right on time, and we all sat down to eat.

Now, I don’t have a picture of my plate, but you wouldn’t believe how messy those little piggies’ plates got. My plate was the picture of neatness, and they all borrowed my plate to build their soft tacos! The nerve! 😉

Taco night was a success! Apparently it was Taco Tuesday too; I didn’t even know that was a thing. Am I old? Oh my…



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