Day 53

I tried to take a mini nap between 5:10 and 5:30. Now that didn’t work; probably because my weekend naps are usually more than an hour long. Power nap…who was I kidding? Long story short, I woke up after 5:30, had to rush ready, and shove some pasta salad into a container and grab a packet of instant coffee to go.

While I was playing/babysitting A, I snacked on some of the pasta salad – a.k.a. the most boring pasta salad ever. I actually made it yesterday, and you might have even noticed it in the picture from yesterday’s post. It is boiled and cooled down pasta, ranch dressing, and green peppers. Shake it up and serve.


LG ate at his parents’ again this week, but his dinner was a little rushed because my sister had a slight car cry for help. He ate his dinner and went to my mom’s to try to fix the issue. I don’t know all the details because well I wasn’t there.

I got home, and poor LG helped me switch the cars. He looked more than half asleep already, but he sat with me while I ate some of the pasta he had brought home from his mom’s. We tidied up, filled the water bottles for our bedside, and took our multi vitamin gummies (really, how can they be any good for you? They’re basically candy!).


Mom said she was going to cook jerk chicken tomorrow – something that LG loves. So we’ll be heading over there for dinner. I haven’t had to cook much this week at all. I do have the next dinner planned in my mind already though, so at least that much is done for Monday.

I know what I’m making, but you’ll just have to wait and see!

The suspense is real, isn’t it? 😉


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