Day 54

LG and I went over to my mom’s house for dinner tonight. She had just gotten home as we were arriving which meant that the chicken had just gone in the oven too. LG is used to eating when he first gets home, so good thing I made him a smoothie (yep, I make them too now, and pretttttty good ones) to hold his tummy for a bit.

I made the rice, and Mom worked on the spinach. We sat and bonded over the pictures my mom had hoarded on her camera over that past year and just printed and put into albums. Then we watched TLC (we don’t have that channel -.-) and waited for the chicken and my sister to get home.

She made jerk chicken and another batch of not spicy chicken in a marinade that she made up haha. She also made a spinach soup dish thing with egg. Yummmmmmmy. Food always tastes just a little bit better when you don’t have to slave away in the kitchen. I guess the same can be true for when you cook it yourself and the satisfaction adds to the yumminess.



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