Day 56

LG worked this morning and was supposed to be home around 2ish. I thought I’d be a lovely wife and wait for him to have lunch together. Since we were having such a late lunch, I messaged my mom and sister to see if they were almost done getting their hair cut – maybe we could meet up. In the time between my mom and sister finishing their hair and LG getting home, E messaged and asked if we wanted to do dinner. Oh boy, by now it was almost 3. I still hadn’t eaten and if we ate and then had dinner then we wouldn’t be hungry and it all just seemed so super complicated.

Anyways, it turned out that E and them had a bite to eat before I was able to contact her again. So we decided to just snack a bit and then eat later.

Mom picked up some McDonald’s for us, but LG is too cool for school and opted to have leftover taco stuff instead. Well, then. Mom and J came and we ate and we sat and talked and laughed and it was good like always. Then Mom decided she needed to nap. They left, and we decided to figure out dinner after she woke up.



LG and I cleaned up the table and kitchen, and then we went to lounge in bed. We watched Youtube videos – a whole bunch of carpool karaokes and then some random One Direction videos haha. He passed out. When he woke up, we were trying to decide if we wanted to stay in or maybe figure out if E had gone out yet. Long story short, we had pancakes for dinner 😀

It was LG’s first time making pancakes from scratch. Usually he just uses the mix. Some of them turned out a little browner than the rest, but I kinda liked those they best. They had a nice little crunch to them. YUM.


We saw an animal’s face in this pancake. What kind of animal do you see?



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