Day 57

LG and I had a little row this morning. I think I just woke up grumpy and picked a fight, but I still feel like my feelings were legitimate. We were able to talk it out like 5 minutes later. It brought me back to our few sessions of pre-marital counseling when we talked about communication. I’m pretty sure we scored a perfect 10/10 in that section, which I was really (still am) proud of for us. Not only are we able to talk through it, but we are able to vocalize how we are feeling – knowing that it is better for us to be able to say these things to eat other rather than hold it all in and resent each other for it.

For example!

When he gets home after work and he goes upstairs to shower, he undresses by the laundry baskets (too much information maybe, but I have a point!). He’s all tired and wobbly on his feet, so he takes off his clothes all whatever. So when it is time for me to do laundry and I have to straighten out socks and fix pant legs (one is inside out and the other is pulled halfway through) and shirt sleeves. It is so annoying. I told him, and he looked at me all sad like I scolded him. But I told him not to feel bad, he should be happy that I can tell him these things rather than have me resent him every time I have to fix a sock that’s going into the laundry.

But I digress.

We were late for church. I had a coffee and shared the smoothie. Then it took us five hundred years to decide what to have for lunch (again). On the way to church, I had told LG that I definitely wanted Bambi. That didn’t happen. But I finally got what I have been wanting for like three Sundays now. Fried noodles! It was the moms with their married daughters and SILs. My sister had stayed home, and G was with his church people and B is still away at school. Still, it was yums in our tums. We were all getting along so well that we tried to decide if we should all have dinner together. Long story short, fuses were going off left, right, and center; I called it off – everyone go home! That’s when I spilled tea on my lap. Fail.


LG and I went home and napped. Well, I napped. I think he watched some Youtube videos and then Once Upon A Time. When I woke up, I decided that tonight was the night when we would have noodles. I had wanted it for lunch yesterday and that didn’t happen. Then we didn’t go out for dinner and we ended up at Congee Queen for lunch today! Mom said she was going to be guitaring with M, so we waited for J to get off work to eat with her.

Mom told me that J was getting off at 7:15. Perfect, we got to the house around 7:30ish. I went in, and J wasn’t home. We looked at the board…she wasn’t getting off until 8! We got comfortable and waited. In the meantime, M came over from next door with his itty bitty guitar, and Mom start spouting out all this guitar talk. I was thinking, “he’s seven and you’re using a lot of new words -.-“. Still, M was really getting the hang of it and held on much longer than I ever did when Mom tried to teach me before.

Aren’t they cuties??


Finally, J got home all pouty from work, and we had to convince her to eat with us. Once we got some food in her tums, she was all back to her normal chatty self. I actually didn’t even finish my bowl today. Whaaaaat. I packed it for home. Then just because we were in the area, we picked up some Chatime bbt for me.


We got to Mom’s to drop off J, and LG decided that he wanted to have a family meeting (that’s what Mom likes to call it when we all sit around and talk; a.k.a. hoi wui). Smart choice when he’s the one who has to wake up at 5am -.-

We sat by Mom’s bed (somehow LG got the rocking chair, J was on the bed, and I ended up on the floor) with my old comforter to keep warm lol. Mom likes to depend on body heat to save energy. But who am I to say anything, we do the same at our own home too! What are blankets for, if not to keep you warm :p


This week shouldn’t be as exciting as last week, with dinners in a new spot every night. That should mean I’ll be doing more cooking! …Except tomorrow when we’ll probably have the leftovers from FND 😉


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