Day 58

Tonight was leftover night!

I put the leftover soup from yesterday’s noodle into a pot and left it on the stove. Then I emptied the stew beef into another pot and left it on another burner. I took out a pan and filled it with some water and then added a dash of salt. The leftover rice was put into a bowl and was ready to be warmed up in the microwave.

When LG was just about home, I turned the burners on and let the soup simmer. I added some water to the stew beef (it was kinda salty on Friday…) and stirred it around. When it started to bubble a bit, I turned the heat down to simmer and focused on the green beans and the soup. When the soup was hot, I added in the thin rice vermicelli that had been soaking in water. The green beans were just about done, so I drained them then stir-fried them a bit in some butter, garlic, and ginger.


It was an easy dinner, but I learned that if you don’t eat the leftover relatively close to when you actually ate it…it’ll just sit in the fridge until garbage day or even after that.

After dinner, I cleaned up and LG went to shower. I made a smoothie for ‘dessert’, and we watched Slumdog Millionaire. I’m surprised LG stayed up for the whole movie. He was very into it (his first time seeing it). He stayed up, but right when it was over he climbed into bed and fell asleep!

I’ve been contemplating compiling my posts into a single long one for Monday-Thursday instead a short-ish one for each of the days. Friday and the weekend seem to make for more beefy posts, but I don’t know. Compiling posts might make me lazy. Writing about our evenings have kept me accountable for getting a post up every night. We’ll see.

Tomorrow, I’ll use up the tomatoes 🙂 Can you guess what I’ll be making?


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