Day 60

Due to some complications and forgetfulness and whatever, LG ate at home tonight instead of eating at his parent’s house. So I had to whip something up for him to eat while I was babysitting.

I took some leftover roast pork, green beans, thin rice vermicelli and mixed it together with some made up seasoning (basically that means I took a whole bunch of different sauces and seasoning stuff and put it all together). It looked kind of boring, so I scrambled a couple of eggs to add some colour. I tasted it, and it tasted kind of boring too (it would be okay for me, but LG has a more exciting palate than I do). I added in a bit of chili flakes to give it a little bit of oomph – after I dished out a small bowl for myself of course. I was going to put in his special spicy concoction sauce, but I couldn’t get the jar open…


Right before I left for babysitting, I ate some leftover soup with rice from the other night. I had packed it all together so the soup had soaked into the rice. It was an ‘entirely’ different dish (because it wasn’t soupy!).


After babysitting, I drove over to A’s house. I hadn’t seen her since she got back from running away from the cold a little over a week ago. I went inside to sit with her while she finished up an episode of Pretty Little Liars.

We left my car and took hers to go have wings. I had been craving these wings since the last time we had them – almost a month ago! We also shared a plate of spaghetti and a pitcher of iced lemon tea (Chinese style). I don’t know why we always order so much when we never finish it all! We’re used to having LG with us though, and he usually helps us finish up. We tried to finish the spaghetti as best as we could, and I packed home the wings and fries to share with LG tomorrow night.


I’m thinking an easy dinner tomorrow night, but LG said he might make a sauce…but how can he do that when he gets home so late.

Perhaps I will have to try to make it??? Dun dun dunnnnn!


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