Day 61

So I didn’t end up making any sauce. I realized that the soup from Monday (?) would be sitting in the fridge for I don’t know how many more days if we didn’t eat it tonight. I put it in a pot to reheat and made some macaroni in a separate pot to eat with it. The soup was really good tonight. Something about soup and sauces that sit in the fridge for a little bit that is just so good. I think all the stuff just really comes together and multiplies into yummy goodness.

I also heated up the leftover wings and fries from last night’s post-babysitting gallivanting. Then I cut up some lettuce for salad because dinner just wasn’t looking all too healthy. It was disappointing. Maybe because I chose the wrong setting on the toaster oven. I don’t know but it was sad. Didn’t stop us from eating [most of] it though!



We decided to get ready for bed after dinner and have some pillow talk. We felt like we hadn’t really seen each other for a whole 24 hours – since he left while I was still sleeping and I got home when he was sleeping. So we saw each other this morning, when I peeked my eyes open at 5am to say bye, and then tonight when he got home.

We got all comfy and tucked into bed, and what does he do but fall asleep mid sentence. Poor LG. I think it was because he was all excited to see me and have dinner together and he was all chatty and lively haha. He probably spent all his energy then. I poked him and said, “I thought we’re supposed to be having a conversation!” He sat up and suggested Grey’s Anatomy. Ya, okay…like he’s not going to be asleep two minutes into an episode.

Anyways, he’s sleeping. I’m snacking on some sunflower seeds. No dinner to worry about tomorrow because its FND! Aren’t you excited to see what kind of dish Yehyeh is going to make up tomorrow?


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