Day 62 & 63

LG left work late again on Friday. After he called to let me know he was on the way home, I called Yehyeh to let him know we would be late. My dad answered – what! – and I explained the situation and he’s like, “ya, we know, he just called.” Aww, LG such a good boy to call already.

He got home and showered quickly, and then we left. Right as we were putting on our shoes, my grandfather texts: “Where are you? Update me please.”

Anyways, we got there, and YY was still cooking. I think the tried to time it so that the food would be ready when everyone got there. I think GJ had just arrived before we did. I was late, and GJ was late which mean nothing was done – the table wasn’t set, the dishes weren’t counted out, the utensils weren’t ready, his medication wasn’t done.

I helped LG move the lazy susan to the middle of the table and then I called K over to put out the place mats. I counted out the dishes and then did the same with the utensils. I called K again to put the eating utensils in the right spots.

I had assumed that the food was just about ready so I had suggested to GJ that we just do the pills after dinner, but since there was still some time I just did it.


After we had finished eating, we go to talking about the China trip – a topic we had started a couple of weeks ago. We started with a head count; who was in or out? Over last couple of weeks, LG and I have been talking about the trip and any other potential trips, and we decided that it just isn’t something that was going to happen for us this year for multiple reasons. For the ones who were counted in, they have a working plan outline to fill in and get numbers to see if this trip is really something that can happen.

I had a horrible headache since I got out of bed and it lasted all day long. I laid down after dinner (I took a tylenol) and then tried to stretch out my neck which is where I felt like the pain was coming from. When LG was done cleaning up, we left to go home.


LG worked again today but came home earlier than a regular work day. He came bearing bbt gifts and I greeted him with my signature macaroni in soup. I had made some chicken salad a couple of days ago, but I figured working a long day in the cold deserved a hot meal.

I cut up some chicken, added in some green beans (they’re my fave obvi), and then my made up seasoning. I also scrambled up a few eggs (because I’ve gotten quite good at that) to put on top.

LG bought himself a wintermelon lemon tea and a milk black tea for me (my go to order).

We ate quickly, because we were already running late for our small group meeting. I cleaned up while LG loaded some laundry into the washer. I made a smoothie while he showered, hoping the extra sugar would help him to stay awake while we were out. Then we got ready to go.



When we got to A and K’s house only E and S were there. Since we had such a small, small group today; we had a different kind of fellowship, discussing various things. It was a rich conversation, and I feel like it was a blessed meeting. We decided after talking and praying together that we could order in some food! We ordered take-out from a Chinese restaurant and then talked a little more before S and LG went to pick up the food.

They left to get the food, and that’s when T (A and K’s son) came off the couch and asked to play. He brought out Lego, and we sat on the floor, building and talking some more. You can see the extent of my creative abilities against E’s creative hands in the picture below. She made some kind of snowmobile thing (which she later added on mugs for hot chocolate on the side), and I made a 2-D ‘person’. I shake my head at myself…


They actually took quite a while to come back with the food, but that’s just because the lady on the phone had told us it would take 20 minutes and it wasn’t ready when LG and S got there. K had said he didn’t think we needed 6 dishes (plus the rice and soup that it came with), but we all did a really good job eating and finishing it! A had also put some cookies in the oven for us to have for dessert. Yum!


We actually sat and ate and talked at the table for a while. LG was starting to get sleepy eyes and even E was yawning (those little sleepy bears -.-). Plus T had a cough and it was pretty late for him too, I’m guessing.

I drove home. We switched over the load that we started before we left the house earlier and then put in a load of whites. LG passed out, and I started to write this post. Yesterday was the first post that I missed since I started blogging on the daily at the beginning of January. I even had the feeling of just pushing this one off until tomorrow night, which would not be a good ball to get rolling – otherwise you might not see a post from me for a loooong while if I got out the habit.

I think Mom and J want sushi tomorrow. LG is secretly (except not so secretly anymore because I just blogged it) disappointed because he wanted his fave Shanghai restaurant. Poor LG 😦


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