Day 64

Today was really low-key, especially for me. I slept in and missed church. LG got a ride with my mom this morning, taking just one car. I woke up and met them at Syo-pewpew (EDIT: LG my sister made this name up). They had already been sitting and ordered a little bit, that I completely forgot to take pictures until we had only a little plate of spring rolls left. I also managed a picture of dessert – green tea ice cream, black sesame ice cream, lychee jello, and mango pudding.



After lunch, J came in my car, LG went in Mom’s car and we went back to my mom’s house. Mom took the highway up and across, and I decided to take local. For the record: I got to the house first (at least two minutes faster). We got comfy and all (minus my mom) piled on to my old bed – LG closest to the wall, me in the middle, and J on the edge. For a long time, J and I watched One Direction Youtube videos, and LG browsed his phone. I got too comfy and cozy though I think, because I started to fall asleep (a light sleep). I heard them change from Youtube to Friends. I heard them take a washroom break. I heard my sister come back with snacks to take her laptop back to her room. I heard LG come back to the bed and he napped a little bit too.

When we eventually rolled out of bed and decided to go home, I raided Mom’s shampoo hoard and then we went under the kitchen sink for some garbage bags. Every time I tell my mom that I’m going to buy something, she says, “Don’t buy it! I have tons at home!” Then we go to her house to look for the stuff and she says, “Oh. I thought I had more. Where did it all go?” -.-

Anyways, I did manage with two bottle of shampoo and a box of two types of garbage bags (the ones we have at the house are just too small for our bin). We got home, and I started the ground beef on the stove. LG decided that this was a good time to ask for his phone and dig through my purse to look for it. I didn’t have it. He didn’t have it. He took over the ground beef, and I drove back to my mom’s for his phone.

We had late night ‘hamburger helper’ (but a generic brand). We left the dishes for tomorrow and went upstairs to put the laundry away.


I think tomorrow will be a FND leftover night with a side of chicken salad, but I haven’t decided for sure yet. Plus there’s some of the pasta we didn’t finish tonight too.



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