Day 65

You know, there is a part of me that really wants to try to work on my presentation of dinner (watching Masterchef Jr and shows like that = strong cooking influences), but the other part of me just hopes that what makes it on to the plate it not burnt and is edible (maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll tell you about the time I tried to cook steaks…).

Anyways, all those thoughts are going through my head as I set out dinner for tonight. Leftover roast beef from FND that I just reheated with the rice on the stove and chicken salad I’d made a few days ago that we hadn’t gotten around to eating. To ‘spice’ up the picture (my blog brain is thinking here), I brought out the little mason jar salt and pepper shakes that my sister bought us for Christmas! Cute, right?



Between the rice and the one sandwich that we shared, there was still a lot of leftover chicken salad. Really, when were we going to eat that again? LG said he would take a sandwich to work tomorrow. I convinced him to take two; I put them together and plastic wrapped them. Still there’s like half of the bowl left! I guess I’ll make a sandwich for myself for tomorrow too :/ I don’t know how I got the bright idea to make chicken salad anyways.

My sister and my mom might (probably will) come over for dinner tomorrow. I’m thinking fish and some kind of veggie (probably green beans because that’s just what I do) with rice.

Someone remind me to take the fish out of the freezer in the morning!


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