Day 67

LG hasn’t been feeling well at all. Well, not at all at all, but his throat is bothering him and his nose sounds all funny. Anyways, with the leftover rice from dinner I made some congee for my sick husband.

I boiled the boxed chicken broth and added the rice. I shredded some leftover chicken meat and put it in for some flavor. A little bit of salt and a round of soy sauce. Then when it was all boiled up nice and congee-like, I put in broccoli for some colour.

He was able scoop some out this morning and microwave it for his breakfast.


Anyways, I didn’t pack anything before I went to babysit. Unless you count the instant coffee package that was left in my purse from last week…

I got home and LG had packed some pasta from his dinner with his parents and two younger brothers. Thank you, hubby! I needed some melted cheese on top. Mmm, melted cheeeeeese.


This blog post feels short, especially compared to my double post a few days ago; but I’m on the phone with my sister – which is really weird – and this is the first time ever, like we’re going on an hour now. WEIRD. She likes me better now that we’re not living together. She says because I’m messy, but giiiiirl not true (completely). Maybe I’m just good in small doses. True even for LG, I think, since we really only have our evenings and weekends together 😦

Wish me luck with dinner tomorrow. I hope it doesn’t turn out like yesterday’s fish. Yesterday’s fish makes me sad. Really sad.



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