Day 68

I was going to make salmon, but I’ve been all like down in the dumps because my last fish dish was a flop. Even LG was like, “it’s okay, baby, you don’t have to make the salmon. Just do the dumplings, it’s easier.” Thanks -.-

He didn’t say it exactly like that, but still I agreed with him. The next step was to try to figure out what to serve next to the dumplings. I didn’t want to do rice; since we have FND tomorrow and LG has a lot of rice then, he doesn’t like to over do it for consecutive dinners. I thought we could have the udon, but I didn’t want to do it in a soup…because I don’t really know – variety, maybe? I wanted to stir-fry it, but the last time I tried to do it a long time ago, it all got so sticky at the bottom of the pot that I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.

Of course, I Googled it. I think the last time I tried to fry it, it was only noodles and meat that I had so there wasn’t enough moisture or oil…I don’t know. It seemed like all the recipes and videos online called for more stuff to get mixed in. So I prepped green beans, fish tofu squares, leftover broccoli, and mushrooms.

I boiled the dumplings (homemade from scratch and frozen from months ago) and then let them sit in a strainer to cool a bit.

I stir-fried the toppings with sesame oil on the side first. I added in a dash of salt, a round of soy sauce, and some black pepper. While they were getting some nice colour, I started a pot with a bit of water to get my noodles going. (I like to stir-fry in a pot, because things tend to go overboard and messy without the high ‘walls’.) When the noodles were about ready, I added a round of sesame oil, a round of soy sauce, salt, pepper, and garlic powder – and mixed it all up. My toppings were looking just about ready, so I turned that burner on low and added it all to the pot.

With the pan emptied of the toppings and slicked with leftover oil, I put my dumplings in it to get some nice crispiness and colour. Just as I was finishing mixing up my udon and toppings together and was about to flip the dumplings to sit on the other side, LG came home. I dished the udon out into a bowl, let the dumplings sit a bit longer while I brought the noodles to the table, and got out the bowls and chopsticks. LG got us some water, and I put the dumplings on a plate.

We sat for dinner and he told me boring stories about people at his work. I don’t bore him with those kinds of stories, why does he have to tell me?? Joking! I did jokingly complain to him about it at the table. He put on a sad, pouty face. He ate a little bit, and then he told me another boring story, laughing the whole time.

Totally unamused here.



We were supposed to go out for FND, but plans fell through. It’ll be back to regular scheduled programming for tomorrow. YAY!


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