Day 69

LG came home early (earlier than usual) today! He even bought Chatime for me 🙂 He showered and ate a little bit since he hadn’t eaten since about 11. We went through some mail and bank stuff, and then we got ready to pick up my sister and head over to my grandfather’s house. It isn’t often that LG is home early enough to help my grandfather get dinner ready, so we seized the opportunity.

I got the dishes and eating stuff ready, and asked J to do the table. I did the pills, and when K got there I watched her get the table settings in order. We were minus a few people again this week, so the seating arrangements were a bit different. I even thought I caught a misstep, but then she pointed out that LG would have a chair this week. Right, right. I should have been all like I was just testing you, but I didn’t think fast enough on my feet after my own mistake. My bad!

We got everything done so early, that I actually had time to sit before dinner started. Brand new feeling for me. I didn’t know what to do with myself!

My grandfather called for rice to be dished out. I got up and waved at my sisters: look alive, girls! We went over to the kitchen just as LG and YY were checking on the steamed egg dish – still liquid – we marched back to the living room.

We had dinner, and it was yum in my tums all over again. A home-cooked meal is the best meal.

Dad brought up the trip again. We were very close to ruling out China since it didn’t really work for the majority – with budgets, timing, in and out, and all around…it was just kind of messy. We tried to brainstorm whether or not another trip could be in the works instead. Maybe a cruise or a resort. Maybe rent a cabin or a beach house. I said to make sure that if we do rent something for a little while to make sure that it is within driving distance from home; that way when we all start to drive each other crazy we can just leave! That’s when my sister made a funny and said that we could all just stay at my grandfather’s house. But we wouldn’t have a pool or fun activities! My aunt said that we would split up who was in charge of the activity for the day around town; and my grandfather said if we needed a pool he would drive us to the community centre :p Maybe its more of a you have to be there kind of thing. Sometimes Dad likes to joke that we should put cameras around the dinner table and record our dinners for Youtube…but really, what is said at the dinner table stays at the table!


We dropped J off at home, but LG just couldn’t resist going in to sit with my momma. We sat for a bit, and my mom made him some honey lemon tea (suckaaaaaaa). Still, halfway through his cup, he was falling asleep in the chair so we made our way home.

We have to take his car in to get checked tomorrow, and then we have an eye appointment. Fun -.- I do not enjoy those drops he puts in my eyes at all! Blaaahhh.



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