Day 70

Today…was an eventful day. It wasn’t awful or horrible or gross, but I just really enjoy our time at home together. With such full weeks and only evenings that we can be together, I look forward to our weekends. Still, our day was full of family and friends and fun 🙂

It did start a little irritatingly though. For real. I was annoyed with LG, and I don’t even remember for what reasons – I blame being hungry though. We had to go drop off his car at the mechanic after we picked up my sister and then go to see the eye doctor. Ugh, weekend schedules. Not cool. Anyways, by the time I got dressed and downstairs and in the car, my brow was permanently furrowed. LG had made me a coffee and a smoothie though. So three minutes into the car ride and half way through my coffee, I was much more chipper and talkative.

But even after we picked up my sister, I sensed that LG was annoyed or something so I probed him and poked him and made it a little worse. Great, we were all annoyed. We needed to get food fast! Not just yet…

We got to my old mechanic who took care of me and my first car since 2010. I walked into the garage and gave a little wave: “I think it’s broken.” He walked over with his hand out, I gave him the keys, and he took the car for a drive to get a feel for what was wrong. He came back and put the car up on the thing. After two minutes or so, I told him we would be back and to call me when he knew what was wrong. We were barely out of the garage when he opened the door and told us it was the spring. SAD! LG went around to take a look for himself. Yep, definitely broken.

He said he would order the part and take care of it as soon as the part arrived. I thanked him and we left. Annoyed, hungry, and annoyed (ya, I was that bothered by the whole situation). 3 AM EDIT turned into its own post: It’s the principle! But all that to say that, we are in a position when the principle of the whole car situation allows us to show love and not be angry. We are able to pay to fix it, and it doesn’t matter how or who or when. I think that’s what LG was trying to tell me, when he told me to calm down and that there was nothing we could do about it at that point. But all that was running through my mind was it’s the principle! I rebuke those thoughts, and thank God for reminding me of what I need to do in these situations. I thank God for a husband who can love and remain calm and cool and collected while his wife quietly steams in frustration.

Whatever. It was broken. It needed to be fixed. Off to the next thing on the agenda.

We went to get our eyes checked. A long process since the four of us (Mom, J, LG, and me) went at the same time. My prescription had no change, and he gave my eyes a healthy report. LG hadn’t had his eyes checked in almost six years, so the doctor seemed to take forever with him. LG came out and said that there was some slight build up along his lash line (probably from his work environment). The doctor gave him a handout for how to help it get better and not worse.

Finally. Finally. It was time to have lunch. We went to Bambi again. I don’t know if I was just super hungry, but it was so yum today. So yum. B walked over from work and joined us for lunch. It was nice to see him! We hadn’t seen him in so long it felt like.


Mom decided she would make the PBS (pork bone soup). She like actually set her mind to it this time, so we got dropped off at Auntie A’s house. J got to play with the dog, and I didn’t have to mope around the grocery store. It was after we sat for a little bit that the mechanic called and said the car was done – almost two hours before he had originally thought!

Mom came back, and we went to get the car. We paid which made me annoyed all over again. LG and I got gas, while Mom and J went home first. LG and I went to Mom’s. I sat in J’s bed and watched Youtube videos with her (that’s how we bond). I’m not exactly sure what LG did at this time…


But it was while we were bonding that LG said his sister messaged to invite us over to play board games. Totally down. First, LG helped Mom prep the soup stuff – peeled the potatoes, peeled and sliced radish, cut the onions, and soaked the mushrooms. S and the family were having dinner, and we were a bit early; but I wanted to make our way over there before I lost the will to leave the house.

S, C, H, N, and LG played the first round of Clue while I rolled around on the floor with the baby, and A and D danced in front of the TV. LG won the first round, and N got bored so I joined in. My first time playing Clue. Not my kind of game, and LG won again -.- We played a bit of Headbanz after that. I was totally owning at that game, but Mom messaged to say the soup was ready and it was getting late so the fun had to end.

We got to Mom’s and GJ was over! She was already enjoyed a nice bowl of soup. I was super excited (and hungry). Mom had been talking about making this soup for weeks now! Mmm, mmm, mmm! Totally had two bowls. When we were nice and full, Mom made LG a cup of honey lemon tea again (suckaaaaaa). We sat around a bit, and then J came home all grumps from work. Not to worry though, because she let it all go in seven minutes (in the form of a rant). Mom got her a bowl of soup ready. GJ sat for a bit longer, but it really was getting late so she made her way home (next door).


This is when the night part of my long day got a little complicated. J was down because she just got home from work and everyone was leaving. LG and I debated staying over for the night or going home. We could carpool in the morning, but I needed stuff from home. It got annoying. Again.

We ended up going home, but by that time we both got a second wind. I showered which always wakes me up, and the cold air on the way home woke LG up. So we midnight snacked on a slice of peanut buttered bread. Just a slice each. It was so good. Oh my goodness. I think that’s just because I had been craving it since I bought it the other day (on sale and price matched, by the way ;D).

I’m really hoping that our day tomorrow isn’t quite so eventful. After all, I do have laundry to do…

*Totally late by the way, but after such a long day there was no way I was going to double post a weekend.


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