Day 71

The alarm didn’t go off this morning. I woke up at 9:17. I’d had one of those dreams where you wake up sobbing. I don’t even remember what the dream was about anymore, but it definitely wasn’t a pleasant start to the day.

We rushed ready. LG made me a coffee really quickly while I straightened my hair and got dressed. While he was stirring it all up, I sloppily put together a ‘breakfast’ for my husband. I got one slice of bread, slathered on smooth peanut butter, put a whole banana in the middle, and curled it up like a little hot dog. It looked a little funny so I put some crunchy peanut butter on top all fancy-like, but that didn’t help much at all.


We were just at the main roads, when my sister called all grumpy-like. She forgot her phone and wanted us to get it for her. We did -.- Anyways, we were super late for church; and once we got there, I had to set up quickly for Sunday school. I shared with them the car situation testimony, hoping it would be a real life lesson for them. But right before I was getting to the lesson of the story, one of the little girls said, “You have to forgive him.” I was quite shocked, which I guess I shouldn’t have been. God has a way of showing me that he is listening. It was just such a neat and tidy way to wrap up my feelings from last night, especially since I don’t teach Sunday school very often – only when there is a gap in the schedule.

This week is the pastor’s birthday, and Auntie A specially made spring rolls and sushi and bought cake for us all to celebrate. Yum. It was a little distracting though because everyone was so excited for the yummy snacks that it was hard to settle them down for the congregational meeting (which I missed because I was with the children). After the meeting, we headed straight off to lunch. We knew exactly where we would be going. LG has been wanting it ever since the last time we went – his most favourite restaurant. I didn’t take any pictures since I have an old post about it, and if you know us we always order the same food – give or take a few dishes.


After lunch, we went home to do laundry. I took a nap, and LG was feeling productive so he put up some of our frames that have been sitting against the walls since forever. They look so good, but the lighting was dark and awful so I’ll take some pictures tomorrow perhaps. But seeing them up got me all excited to decorate and buy stuff. I was looking through old photos of when we first saw this house, when it was empty and we first got the keys, and then all the pictures as we slowly started to fill it up with furniture. I just want to keep making this house feel more and more like our home!

He also vacuumed – he likes to do it so that the lines in the lines in the carpet are all in rows and weird :/ Whatever floats your boat, LG. He took a quick shower, and then we went to my mom’s again to work on that big pot of pork bone soup.


Auntie M was over to have some yummy soup too. J ‘made’ cookies which we quickly shoved in our mouths, and she packed us some in a container to take home. Aww, sister!


Auntie M, Mom, and J had already eaten so they put on Ip Man to watch. LG was entranced. He loves kung fu movies. Who would have guessed… It was so hard to get him to finish his soup! We had a small intermission to look through the first batch of photos from our wedding photographers. I got all smiley seeing LG’s photos from when he arrived at the venue 😀 Then it was back to regular scheduled programming. The second movie is on Netflix too, but by the time the movie was done it was late and errbody gots to be up early tomorrow. They tried to set up a date to watch the second one so that we could all go to watch the third one in the theatre. I think I’ll pass. That was too much beating up for me to watch, and I wasn’t even paying attention the whole time.


We came home and put the laundry away together, but that was when I had the urge to purge. I just started pulling clothes off the hangers to stick in a bag to sell or give away. I really want to just get rid of it, but I guess if I can try to make a little bit of money back I should try right?


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