Day 72


Redemption feels good. Kind of.

I made my salmon again tonight. I haven’t made it since day 44, mostly because I forget to pull the salmon from the freezer and also because I wanted to see how many different things I could cook before I had to repeat a dish. Still, I think this second time around it was yum in my tum (again).

I pulled two baggies of fish from the freezer. Last time seemed like too measly an amount for the two of us. What I forgot and didn’t realize until the salmon was already defrosted was that we had bought a slab of fish and LG had cut it up into pieces to freeze separately. I had taken out the two meatiest pieces!

Oh well, I crossed my fingers that it would turn out yummy and that LG was coming home with a hungry stomach.

I prepared it much the same way as last time, except this time I had mushrooms in the fridge. I also added a few green beans to the tin foil hut too. On the side, I stir-fried the rest of the mushrooms and green beans. The mushrooms had been sitting in the fridge for a few days already, so might as well cook ’em up. I didn’t cook fresh rice; I just reheated some leftover rice from FND in the pan.

We sat down to eat, and it was so yum! Seasoned well and buttery goodness. I looked up at LG: “how is it?” He looked at me, nodding, “it’s okay.”


Was it too salty? No. Too much butter? No. Too many onions? No. Not salty enough? No.

He said it might be a little overcooked because it didn’t break apart as smoothly as other perfectly cooked salmons did. But it tasted good, he said. Mhmm. Okay.


Sad. I thought it was pretty good. It’s not like it was dry and completely overcooked… Still, I think it might be a little while more before I try again. Sigh, all these failed fish dishes are really getting me down.

P.S. We last minute decided to have pancakes for dessert. Really I just wanted one; but he whipped up a whole bunch of pancake batter and a few not so cute pancakes. We really gotta work on making some cute pancakes. Any suggestions, tips, or tricks?



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