Day 74

I got home really late last night…

I’d eaten quickly (leftover chicken with macaroni, but made into a soup thing) before I went to babysit. A messaged me around 9 and asked if I wanted to snack with her. Um, ya, but I changed into bum-like clothes and was barely presentable to the public – but to play Shopkins and My Little Pony with a six year old on the other hand my outfit was perfect.

Luckily (but unfortunately for the mom), they decided to get ready for bed a bit earlier and so I left before my usual time. I messaged A to see if she was on her way up or not to gauge whether or not I had enough time to go home and change before I met up with her. She didn’t respond to my messages (rude! :p), so I drove home quickly to change. This was also a good opportunity to switch cars with LG. Since he leaves before me in the morning, his car is supposed to be on the driveway.

I parked in the garage, ran upstairs to change while LG refilled my on-the-go-in-case-I’m-thirsty-on-the-drive-home water bottle, gave him a kiss goodnight, and ran out the door perfectly presentable to the world.

We sat down and ordered exactly the same thing as last time – no need to think about it. Why stray from the usual? When we try to order something different, we always regret it and wish that we had just ordered the same thing! That also meant that I didn’t take any picture. So if you want to see what we ate, go find Day 60 or click on the link up^^ there; but please enjoy this picture of our pitcher of lemon iced tea (which was much more lemon than anything else tonight).


Right after I graduated from school and before I started working full time, A and I used to go out all the time. It was always the same: lazily get out of bed, go for a late lunch, loaft about until LG (then the boyfriend) got off work, and then repeat the next day (or at least it was a few times a week). Now, we’re lucky to see each other once every other week. What with my homebody-ness and her busy schedule, these late night snack dates are all that we really have anymore. The silver lining is that we have more to catch up on after two weeks, but still 😦

It was then way past a reasonable hour to be out and about with work the next day, so we ta ta for now-ed (TTFN: a Tigger reference, btw).

My sister had snapchatted me that we didn’t invite her out, and I got all guilty feeling. I messaged her to see if she wanted me to drop the leftover wings for her. She said no. I still felt guilty, so I drove over to give her a quick hug.

I pulled into the driveway, opened the door, and put down my bag just as my sister called down from her room: “you don’t live here!” I ran upstairs to jump on her bed, and my mom called out all confused, “are you sleeping here? Where is your husband?” Sigh, these people. I ended up staying quite a while, but my sister needed some sister love so I stayed and attention-ed her. The things I do for her, really. Love you 😉

I got home, showered quickly, and plopped down into bed beside my husband who didn’t even flinch. Who stays out that late on a weeknight anyway? I guess I do…once every two weeks.


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