Day 75

We had the most boring dinner ever. Or maybe my appetite just wasn’t there, but I’m pretty sure LG found it boring too (you should have seen the amount of parmesan he sprinkled on top).

Oh well, we needed to eat, and food was made. Boiled spaghetti, browned the [frozen] meatballs, heated up the [Ragu] sauce, and mixed it all together.


While we sat to eat dinner, I was still down and grumpy since my last post. I wasn’t thinking about it anymore, but the feeling lingered. So I cleaned. And I put LG to work.

He hung stuff on the walls. Weeks ago, he put up our chalkboard with hooks for our jackets by the front door. The other day, he put up two of the collages I gave him for our previous anniversaries by the stairs. The same day he put up the signed photo frame from our pre-wedding celebration and our signed mirror from our wedding on the wall between the two back windows. The other night when he got home a little later, I had him put up our white board in the hallway before he went to shower. So tonight, he put up the decorative pieces in the downstairs washroom, a piece in our bedroom, and a photo collage frame thing in the living room.

There’s one frame with a picture from our engagement shoot with A that we have no idea where to put (technically, there is a place but because of the stuff behind the wall it might not work there…sad) and a couple other decorative pieces that we have to decide where we want them to go.

Anyways while he did all that, I sorted through odds and ends. I cleaned off the top of our dresser that has had a mishmash of stuff since Day 1. I sorted through the pile beside the dresser that I had emptied out a basket. I cleaned out a drawer thing so that we can actually use it instead of it being full of stuff that I had no idea where it came from. A couple of days ago when the icky sad feeling was starting to bubble, I had cleaned the washroom. I’d been wanting to make it more workable of a space (it’s a small washroom) but couldn’t muster the will to do it. I rearranged the washroom counter and the space underneath the sink. I’ve also cleaned up the living room area, but I’m searching for a nice and affordable shelf that works in that space so that it doesn’t look so thrown together.

I don’t know. I just want shelves and baskets and stuff hanging from the walls. I think I’ve lived all my life with bare walls that now I just want all of the walls filled.

LG put in some solid work time and then he told me he was done and climbed into bed. I showered and wrote this post. What really needs to be done – that I have been really putting off – is organizing our papers, but…soon, I will soon. It has to be done to find the right papers for tax time anyways. So soon, it’ll be done soon.

Chinese New Year dinner tomorrow instead of our usual FND. It’ll be our (me and LG) first time giving out red pockets! Ahh!


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