Day 76 & 77

Oh look, another double post!

Let me tell you about the time (our first time) giving out red pockets for Chinese New Year. I had been prepared since the second week of January. I counted all the people we had to give to on my mom’s side and on my dad’s. I went to bank and got pretty new bills. I got the red pockets (and more just in case). I put the money in the envelopes and made a nice little pile all ready to go for the two dinners to come.

So last night, Dad’s CNY dinner rolls around the corner. We’re the first to arrive and choose a table, and we’re just sitting there as family by family they start to slowly trickle into the restaurant. One of the aunties comes in who hasn’t been at a gathering like this in a long time (family tragedy), so I’m already surprised to see her – she has a daughter I should be giving to that I didn’t account for since she hasn’t been around – but she also has another lady with two children in tow. Um, what? Three extra people to give red pockets to? I was prepared for extras on my mom’s side; it’s to be expected when your cousins are all grown and bringing ‘friends’ to famjams, but on my dad’s side when everyone is little how was I supposed to expect that extras would show up?

I was all in a frazzle dazzle. Good thing I brought all the red pockets. I started to label them on the back just to make sure I got everyone. We had dinner with many different dishes that I didn’t recognize and mostly picked from. Then it was time to hand out the red pockets.image

Long story short, in the middle of the night, I realized that I couldn’t remember giving to my little cousins M and L. I texted GJ right away. Today when I woke up, I went to my pouch that was holding the remaining red pockets. I counted and calmed down. I had given it to them. LG and I started to organize the pile for the next dinner, and that’s when we found the actual extras that I had put aside. Even longer story short, all our calculations were wrong, and we hadn’t given M and L the red pockets. Oh my goodness, the disaster.


So we made new ones for M and L and brought them over to the house when we went to visit Mom and J.

Before all that happened though, LG and I had lunch. We had a hard time trying to decide what to eat. Instant noodles? Pizza? Chicken from Walmart? Food from the mall food court (he was at the gym across from the mall so it was right there)? Pancakes?

Last month, I was little free with our grocery shopping, buying things we don’t really need and using the excuse that it’s still a new home and we need the filler stuff. We wanted to try to stay on budget and buy just what we need. So, I ended up cutting the meat off the wings from my late night snack date with A and taking the green beans and mushroom leftovers and making a soup for macaroni.


We did a couple of loads of laundry. He went to bank to get cash to fix our red pocket mistakes. We finished hanging the last things on the walls (which means we’re all done and I can take pictures for a new post!). Then I decided that he has been looking too raggedy and homeless and a hot mess for a long time now. He said that it didn’t always look like that; to which I told him that it only looked good after he showered and brushed it and that only lasted half an hour. So we went and cut his hair. I’d watched him cut his own hair many times over the last (almost) four years together, but I had never taken the razor to his head. But now we’re married, so I embraced the challenge. I did the classic row right down the middle of his head. There was no going back and changing the hairstyle then!

He showered and then we packed (just in case we stayed the night at my mom’s). There was a deal in the flyer for 20 wings for $10. My sister bought a gajillion wings after she got off her shift. We all sat down to eat in front of the TV to watch Ip Man 2 (in preparation for the third movie in theatres). When the movie was over and we were debating whether or not to rush to the theatre to watch the third movie (which started in half an hour), my sister decided she was going to go out. My mom went to her room to watch her drama on her iPad (thanks, A, for teaching her how to do that lol). LG and I sat for a little bit longer and decided to go home.


I washed the dishes, LG unpacked the bag, and then we got ready to sleep. He knocked out which I considered but a Friday, Saturday, Sunday post would be much too long.

Tomorrow we have a dinner with his family to celebrate all the birthdays in February (and his twin brothers’ birthday at the end of January). Good thing we didn’t get married in February! Hopefully, we don’t have a February baby either (no, we’re not pregnant) otherwise this month would be even more jam-packed.


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