Day 78

Oh my, we were out and about today, and it was craaaaazy. Okay, it wasn’t that crazy; it was actually pretty laid back, but we saw a lot of people and ate a lot of food.

This morning, LG and I woke up a little later than planned, but we still managed to get ready and coffee made and get to church on time to set up the AV. After church, we had our usual lunch debate huddle. M watched us struggle and mentioned how she doesn’t understand how we ever decide where to go to eat. All we do is shout out places to go and then suddenly someone slams their hand on the table and declares, “let’s go!” Really though, it still boggles my mind how we ever manage to get to a restaurant for lunch.

The moms went to a close by restaurant, and we children (EBSGLJ) went to try out a new (for uptown) ramen place. Ehh, it was okay.


After lunch, LG and I didn’t think it made sense to go back that way only to come back out west for our early dinner reservation with his family. Thankfully, G offered to take my sister back towards church area (east from where we were for lunch).

It was about 1:30 and dinner was set for 4, so we had some time to kill. We went to get bubble tea and found a parking lot to sit and loaft. LG has been really curious about stocks recently, so right when we parked and got comfy he picked up his phone to do more stock research. I swiped the phone from his hand, “we’re bonding now!” How nice, I had to [playfully] demand my husband to bond with me. He knew I was playing though because of the story I told him about my dad from long time ago – I was in the car with my dad and sister, and I put my hand out to turn on the radio. Right when I turned it on, my dad turned it off and asked me, “what you’re not comfortable sitting in silence with me?”. I guess that’s why ever since then I don’t really turn the radio on in the car – alone or with other people. He laughed and asked me what I wanted to do…umm :/

We ended up playing that finger game [which I just Googled and found out it’s called] chopsticks and then when I kept losing at that we played rock paper scissors. I know, we’re so exciting. I sifted through the things in his car and found matches! I suggested we played chicken; we lit the matches and tried to hold it longer than the other and see who could get the flame closest to the end. It was a fail; the flame went out on its own before it got to the end, and we both ended up smelling faintly of smoke. Sigh. Then he decided to tell me more boring stories about work – particularly the story about how this one guy sometimes goes around and pretends he has two left hands [or two right hands] and people either stare at him blankly or laugh hysterically. Oh look, I just bored you with that story, but that’s how we passed the time 😦


Around 2:30, I had to go pee, but I held it. I didn’t want to go find a washroom and then have to sit again. I waited until 3:10! We went to Tim Horton’s and then made our way to sit in front of the restaurant. Not long after, his sister pulled up in the parking spot beside us, and our two cars sat like we were in time out to wait for the restaurant to open.

Everyone was pretty punctual. Surprising coming from my dad’s dinner the other night when everyone was late (but who can blame them, it’s practically in our blood to be late to everything). Still, with the sitting and waiting and deciding, we didn’t order and eat until 5ish. But tonight, our steak was well worth the wait – but that might be because I was anticipating it since late last night.

We got the escargot, new york striploin topped with [on the side] goat cheese and crushed pecans with veggies and a loaded [on the side] baked potato. Ugh, it was so good. I really thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe because of the fail steak from our proposalversary – did I tell you that story yet…no?…maybe next time or never.


The kids’ meals came with ice cream, but A wasn’t really feeling well and J didn’t want his dessert. So me and C offered to help them eat it 😉 The waitress also accidentally brought and extra with chocolate and caramel on top, so LG graciously took it off her hands.


It was nearing the time when they were going to kick us out for sitting too long, so we got up and blocked the dinner rush traffic with our giant family group to give hugs and say goodbye.

Since we had such an early dinner reservation, we were done before 7. My grandfather had texted LG earlier in the day to say he was making jerk chicken and rice and peas for the Superbowl. We made our way over there and got a bowl of rice and chicken just a few minutes into the first quarter. LG was totally into the jerk chicken. YY and Dad were impressed by his spice tolerance, but I didn’t go near the chicken. I just had a bowl of rice, which was yum in my tum.


I have to say that I wasn’t really paying attention, because I couldn’t always figure out who had the ball at the beginning of the…line up part?…and then everyone would be all squished together trying to block each other and at that point I really couldn’t find the ball. I did however see the part where that one guy hurled himself over a pile of giant football players to score a goal/make a touchdown/pass the thick white line.

L got bored of the game and requested help in building his Lego thing. He’s so tiny, especially beside LG. So cute 😀


It was getting late. That one team was losing. We got ready to go, and Dad asked us to drive SM and K home. We did, and then we went by Mom’s to drop off some chicken and rice. Finally after a long day, we were home again. We watched the last 7 minutes of the game. I showered, and he folded socks.

Now it’s time for bed to get rested for a new week. I ‘menu planned’ so that our dinners can come from what we already have in the fridge that way we can avoid over spending on groceries. But we’re on our last bag of milk (which expires on Wednesday), so we might have to do a midweek grocery stop. Maybe LG can go while I babysit that night. Hmm…


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