Day 79

I’ve been wanting to try making soy sauce chicken with coke that my mom’s made before on the stove, and since last week when we had that crockpot chicken I’m feeling more comfortable with using that protein. I’ve always felt nervous about chicken because I know it takes so long to cook and raw chicken is the thing that everyone is scared of on those cooking shows (like all the cooking shows they always have at least one raw chicken dish).

Anyways, we decided to go for it and defrosted the chicken. I sent LG a link with the recipe and ingredients so that he could get it ready in the morning. Apparently he got all creative and added some garlic and ginger too. I checked on it at lunch time, and at the end of the day I set it to warm after I pulled the bones out and shredded the chicken.

Tonight was also the first time I used the rice cooker that Daddy bought us for Christmas. I made a little bit of extra rice for tomorrow – since I’m a grown up and I’m planning our dinners ahead!



After dinner, I rushed to shower so that I could finish on time to watch the Bachelor. I don’t even know how I got myself into this mess of a show. I used to be in so so into it. There was this one season of Bachelorette, and there was this guy who got my first impression rose and he made it all the way to the finale. And you know what happened? She chose no one! She went through a whole season and a gajillion guys, and she chose no one! Sigh, that’s when I gave up on the show and series. But look where I am now, all wrapped up in the drama llama.

So I showered and got comfy on the couch. I got my phone out to play by play text with L and poke fun at Ben and his tattoo lol.

Ugh, the Bachelor drama is reaaaaaaal.


2 thoughts on “Day 79

  1. […] of garlic and ginger to the mix to give it an extra kick. The only comment I’d make on that last try would be that it was kinda salty or it was just a really overwhelming taste. There was no subtlety […]

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