Day 80

Awful headache today. Like level 10 I’d rather chop my head off than suffer through this headache kind of pain. So I slept until LG came home. The plan was actually to sleep until he left work so that I could start dinner and stuff, but he called me to tell me he was on the way and I was all, “mhmm, okay, bye” and just kept sleeping.

Even when he came in the room, I hid under the covers to sleep just a couple minutes more. I did eventually will myself to roll out of bed and go downstairs.

Like my little dinner menu plan on our whiteboard, today was bacon friend rice. Mostly because I had to use up the bacon. You see, I go to buy the groceries, and I go with a list in my head; yet I end up wandering around and picking up random things. For instance, I walked passed the bacon a couple of weeks ago and though, “oh! Bacon!” and grabbed a pack (that’s a lie, I grabbed two). But I had no reason to buy bacon. We don’t eat it. We don’t have it for breakfast. I don’t go all fancy and wrap it around meat. So ya, don’t shop while you’re hungry or without a list – which I actually don’t know for sure if a list helps, but I heard it’s a good idea.


I fried the bacon up to a crisp and boiled the green beans in a separate pot. When the bacon was about ready and all the fatty, salty, bacon-y, yum stuff (oil) had accumulated, we added in the rice. LG helped me stir it all about while I moved around him to add pepper and garlic powder and a dash of salt. I drained the green beans and then threw them in the pot. I asked him to make a little hole, I cracked two eggs into the hole, and he mixed it up to scramble it a bit and then mixed it into the rice. We also heated up the leftover jerk chicken from the Superbowl night (a.k.a. the day of eating).

While we were eating, he told me that during the break his show was taking, they would be taking on the pilot of a new show during that time. Which means that there would be no break in his work. Praise God. This is something that has been looming over his head for a little while now. My earnings are pennies compared to what he makes, so we really need his work. We prayed and gave our worries to God. Since the time he found out that he could potentially be off work for two months, it has shortened to a month and then it was pushed back and then back again until now when work is fully available and scheduled for him. PTL!

I cleaned up while he wrote in our grocery list notebook (totally a new thing, wish us luck). He had to be all smart about it and do it in order of the way he would walk through the store, so it took him a little longer. I started to put the recycling in the big bin, got the green bin stuff, and readied the garbage bag. Then he was done, so he went upstairs to check the small garbage bins to see if they needed to be emptied. I went over his list to compare it to the one I had been scribbling on the white board. I went through the app with all the flyers to pin the ones he would have to use for tomorrow (when he goes to buy the stuff while I babysit).

Sigh. Hashtag grown up life?

I have residual headache-ness…ttfn.


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