Day 81

Do you know what happens when your husband goes grocery shopping? There is a list, and he gets everything (minus the items he couldn’t find) on the list – exactly as it appears on the list. But still, thank you LG for making the trip 😀

I microwaved these little dough-wrapped mini sausages before I ran out the door to go to babysit today. LG had dinner at his parents’ house, went to the gym, and then did a grocery run. He had the list with him, and I pinned the deals on the flyer app.

He got home a little bit before me and had some yogurt, and when I got home he came out to switch the cars.

When we got in the house, I put the groceries away (I offered, but I secretly wanted to check it all over), and he went to shower. He bought two bottles of pop – one ginger ale and one coke. I would have bought a bunch since there was a good deal with the price match, but the list only said ‘ginger ale/coke’…so that’s what we got. He didn’t get the green beans or broccoli/cauliflower. He said he couldn’t remember which packages I bought; but he could have snapped me a picture so I could tell him which ones. He didn’t get the eggs because he wasn’t sure if they would price match if it wasn’t the same brand – which is fair because it was a specific brand in the flyer.

But he got everything else. I’m very grateful that he went, and he didn’t even buy anything extra! I always/have a tendency to buy extra things that I find appealing to my tummy at that moment. Oh, tell a lie. He did buy vinegar (I read this thing on pinterest about cleaning your crockpot with vinegar and baking soda). I guess shopping with a list or as a man who follows the writing to a T really does help.

I am going to stop by the store to pick up the the veggies and a couple more bottles of pop though.

After everything was put away, I had some of the beef stew over leftover rice his mom made and he brought home for me. For dessert, we munched on some crunchy grapes.



I haven’t decided if I’m going to make something tomorrow night (I do have it planned) or if we’re going to grasp at straws with the little bit of leftover chicken from the other night. It is the long weekend coming up, so…I don’t know. I’ll probably end up cooking :/

You’ll just have to come back tomorrow to see!


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