Day 82

I have been trying to make my mom’s ‘tuna luna’ for two weeks now. Actually, more like two Thursday’s. Last week, I ended up making spaghetti and meatballs instead. I was all mentally prepared to make the tuna luna tonight, LG’s tummy was prepared for it too, and then my sister called.

B was back in town from school, and she wanted bonding time. Of course, we were down to bond – always. But that meant no tuna luna again tonight. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be; although, I did write it down for next week’s dinner menu!

LG got home and showered quickly, and then we went to pick up B and my sister from B’s house. Right as we were backing out of the driveway, G calls my sister to find out where she is, and at the same time my aunt calls me for the same reason (I can hear G on the other end of the line talking to my sister). Sigh.

We finally made it to the restaurant, and my mom joined us as well – which was nice because I thought she was working late. The little ones talked about skating and skates sizes. I tuned out just a little; skating is not my thing – I worry about my ankles!

Back in the day when we would have Greek food, I would order my salad: no onions, no olives, no feta; and then I would give my tomatoes to my mom. Now, Mom likes the onions too, so I give them to her. LG likes the olives (and the little ones have taken a liking to olives too), so they all get shared around. I still don’t get feta though, because that just isn’t my thing.

I also ordered fries, because while I was hungry I didn’t think I was hungry enough for all that rice. But what comes on my plate? Rice. The waitress was nice enough to bring me a plate of fries though when I mentioned I’d ordered them instead of the rice 🙂



After dinner, my sister went with my aunt since she had left her car at the house. LG and I made our way back home. We stopped off at Walmart to return a waffle maker thing that he bought last week. How grown up of us to be running errands and such, eh? 🙂 We walked around a little bit to look for a calendar, but I guess by February the year is practically over and no one sells calendars anymore… Perhaps I’ll just grab one of my mom’s extra ones!

Tomorrow is a regular FND. Yay!


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