Mr&Mrs: Settle Down (Mini House Tour)

Since the beginning of time (or my life if we’re not being so dramatic), there only exists a few periods of time when I have spurts of energy to get things done. I could live for weeks with a pile of clothes at the foot of my bed, and suddenly (usually in the middle of the night), I would tidy up that pile, vacuum, do laundry, clean my sheets, and rearrange my room.

Surprisingly that hasn’t really changed since I got married and we moved into our home. The small spurts of energy aren’t as far and in between as they used to be, but they still have to come for me to get a lot done. I’ll wash the dishes and keep the kitchen tidy after cooking, but somehow things always become a mess and piles build.

Since our wedding night, my dress hung against our window. I looked at it every night, I put it on twice since we got married, and…I just really liked it there.

A couple of weeks ago, I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror for almost 10 minutes. Then I asked LG to unzip me and we packed it away in the big bag thing and shoved it in the closet in the spare bedroom.

Then I cleaned the piles of stuff strewn about the house, I organized all the cupboards and shelves, we put the stuff up on the walls, and I cleaned up the washroom. We got organized.

We are settled now – about 95%, I’d say. We have everything we need. We put things up on our wall. This is our home. It fits us, permanently ([I’d say] until we grow out of it). Things could change, but this is it.


I know for those fun-loving, life-living, exciting people this isn’t really the ideal life. For me and for my husband, this is the life that we want. To come home to one another. To share dinner with each other. Spending our free time together. We don’t need to go out to dinner always – although those meals are basically the love language of my family. We don’t need to explore. We just want to continue to build our lives together. In this home. Every day. If that means I have to ruin all the fish dishes until I get it right (sad), then so be it; and he’ll eat it with a half smile on his face until it actually tastes good. At least, I can make macaroni in soup…which I used to mess up back in the day, believe it or not.

We’re boring to you.

But I’m excited to try to make yummy things for LG. We’re excited to budget and get our spending in order. We’re happy to go grocery shopping together to see how God provides for us every day. We put things up on our walls, and we look forward to filling up all those empty spaces as our lives grow and fill with new souls.

But it fits just us, for now 🙂




*Our living room looks a bit different now. The TV box and blu-ray player were sitting on the coffee table, but we recently got a little shelf from J and K. Now those things sit on the shelf along with our few board games, and the coffee table is in front of the love seat. The little end table that was beside the love seat is now beside the longer couch just under the signed frame and signed mirror.


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