Day 85

For some reason, both of us have been sleeping through our alarms on Sundays. Fortunately, LG woke up just in time for us to have enough time to get ready in the morning and make it to church on time. After church, we got ready to go home to prep and cook the lasagna; that’s when Mom gave us the sad eyes: “we’re not having lunch together?” Oh, Mom…

But that’s what we had to do if we wanted to be able to free up our evening to spend it all together (with Mom and sister).

We went home and reheated the sauce. LG got all the stuff ready on the counter to get to work, and I put on a small pot for a pre-lasagna snack. I kinda just sat around then and waited. It was smelling so yums in our home already from the sauce heating up, but when the lasagna went into the oven…it was so hard to wait!


Is that not the cutest mini lasagna for two you’ve ever seen or what? This is our fourth Valentine’s Day together, and I must admit I don’t really remember our others too well. I always told him that we should celebrate and emphasize other days instead – like our birthdays and anniversary. Still, I feel like we should make this lasagna valentine our new thing from now on.


After lasagna and clean up and laundry, I took a nap. LG watched Vikings. Then it was time to gooooo. We got ready and went to my mom’s to take one car for the rest of the evening. She presented us with a giant cookie. Aww, momma! We went to pick up my sister from work and from there headed over to my cousin’s house. A handful of cousins were already mini-famjaming. They’d ordered pizza and my aunt made wings. We kinda loafted a bit, shying away from the food since we weren’t part of those plans from the beginning. But my aunt had made many, many wings so we dug in a bit too. I washed a few dishes, but my mom started to rush us out the door so my aunt had to finish.



So the theatre was full of little children and couples. It was full to the brim. It was not fun. Also, the movie was sold out (for the time that we wanted). We bought tickets for the later movie, stopped by the food court for some food, and went back to my aunts house. We had a couple hours before we had to go again. That meant it was time for some Mario Kart. Let me just tell you about how good I was back in the day. I was so good. When I had that controller in my hand again last night, it just felt natural. Joking, but really, I shocked even myself at how well I played (fluke, I’m sure). We got pulled away again to head to the theatre (again).



We found a great spot, and we already had our tickets. Auntie M and J went to get seats while Mom, LG, and I got the drinks and popcorn. By the time the movie was done, it was after midnight.


It was cold and late and we had to drive back home…sigh. Late night home meant a late post. I considered another double post, but I had so many pictures that I couldn’t justify it.

Overall, such a nice (cold) Valentine’s day with my love and family 🙂


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