Day 86

“What day is it? Day 85? 86? See, I knew we could make it.” – weird things my husband says that he thinks is funny.

He’s been saying that for a while, and every time he thinks it’s the most hilarious joke, throwing his head back and laughing. Sigh.

Yesterday during the mini jam, Mom suggested dim sum for Family Day lunch. Sure, nods from a few heads. Of course by the time morning rolls around and I’m half awake, there are 100 messages in the family chat group on whatsapp – everyone is trying to figure out where to go, what time, and who was going. I let LG figure out the details and rolled over to sleep a little bit more.

Eventually, it was decided everyone would eat on their own and then meet up after. So Mom, sister, LG, and I went to go dim sum just the four of us. We had to wait for a table, and then when we got the table we had to wait for the food to come around to us. I think we were so hungry by this time that the first few dishes we finished a minute after they were set on the table! There were only four of us, and we ate so fast at the beginning that we kinda lost our wind the longer we sat. We did manage to finish most of it all though!


After lunch, my mom headed home, and we went over to my other cousin’s house for another mini jam. We played games for hours, working on our funny. (NTS running theme of the evening – YP and a giant portrait).


My aunt cooked dinner for us, but one of the cousins went back home for dinner. Yee made one of my favourites 🙂 How sweet of her. It was so good, just like how I remember it. I think the development of flavor and skill to recreate it is a little above my level of cooking – new wife level – so I’ll just stick to my coke soy sauce chicken for now.


After the long weekend, everyone went back home to rest up before the short week started again; which meant going home and doing a load of laundry (LG cooked his sauce while wearing his robe and it splattered everywhere). I also had to start crunching out my late post and the post for today!

I’d planned out some meals for this week, but with the leftovers from lunch yesterday and the leftover sauce…I don’t know that I’ll be cooking much of anything. Yay for short weeks!


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