Day 88

I asked LG to stop by Walmart to pick something up for me on his way home, but he didn’t get my message until he actually got home. Lame. He told me he would shower and then go, but at that point I told him not to bother since the whole thing was that it could be a short stop before home.

He didn’t really message me for a little while, so I assumed he fell asleep.

I called my mom on my drive home from babysitting since I hadn’t really talked to her in a while. I complained to her about everyone and how they fail first, and then she had her own turn to talk about everyone and how incompetent they are. It was a nice conversation really; kinda mean, but at least we were venting to each other and not yelling at everyone, right? I felt better after we hung up.

I had to switch the cars around myself since LG fell asleep before I got home, which is a bummer – switching cars is annoying. But once I got everything moved and settled inside the house, I noticed something on my hook! Aww, LG had gone to Walmart for me, even though he was tired and exhausted and headache-y! What a dollface (lol, just trying that one out).


He’d also packed me food from his dinner at his parents’ house and left the container by the microwave for me. I went up to change into my robe (aka what I live in at home – that’s why you have to call before you come over. It’s pink with white polka dots btw, très cute) and found LG all passed out with Claude (our shark) tucked into my spot.


But a sleeping husband just meant I was single for the evening (or at least until I got into bed…).

I went downstairs to heat up the food and got myself all comfy and situated at the coffee table. I totally poured myself a glass of diet coke but felt justified because I dilute it with water (yep, totally do that, don’t judge me). I opened up my laptop and watched Bridget Jones while I ate. I don’t know what it is about that movie, but I just really enjoy it. She’s so sad and pathetic, and then she finds love and gets all happy and pathetic still.

Really, I don’t have to be single for the evening to do what I want. LG usually agrees to what I want to do in the evenings (be it Bachelor or Masterchef or Bridget Jones), because he would normally pass out on the couch within 10 minutes anyways. He would probably nag me about the diet coke though…


Leftover lasagna for days or leftover sauce over pasta tomorrow…oh the choices. I guess that means another Thursday will have blown by and no tuna luna…


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