Day 89

LG left work really late tonight, so I was just sitting around waiting for him to get home. There wasn’t anything for me to prep since we were just having leftover sauce. I took the time and watched Hell’s Kitchen on demand and then some CP24 to get caught up in the goings on of the world.

Finally when he was almost home, I started the pot for the spaghetti. He showered when he got home (usually we eat and then he showers), because a couple of my aunts (invited themselves) were coming over to pick something up. I didn’t want him to be all stinky for them!

I made just enough pasta for the amount of leftover sauce (good job, me). I gave him all the chunky bits. We washed dishes and put on the kettle to get ready for my aunts’ arrival.


We had a little pep talk – okay, you get the door and take their coats that way I can show them around and not get held up by the door. We went according to plan, but because the tour of the house started at the two doors just after the front closet, LG was caught up to us anyways. For the record, we considered just throwing their coats on the couch, but we don’t really use our closet that often anyways so might as well!

We toured, and they gawked at all the things on the wall (still super happy we have all that stuff up there :D). They ooh-ed at our little pantry space. They ahh-ed at our organized kitchen. They congratulated us on our dining table that was an awesome buy and sell find on Facebook. They saw our mess of a room piled with paperwork. They got excited over our upstairs laundry.

They said that we ‘adult’ well 🙂 Yay, us!

I really liked having them over, and I’d like to have more people over more often. I just feel like we have such a small space, and I really haven’t the first clue on how to entertain (we would really be just sitting and staring at one another); but I guess that’s kinda what having people over is all about, right? Sitting, talking, staring, bonding.

LG and I will have to work on that.

We sat and talked over a single shared cinnabon between the four of us. LG washed up the plates and refilled our little teapot of hot water while we talked crochet; but when LG excused himself to go to bed my aunts excused themselves too – after all it is a weeknight. No party animals over here! My aunt handed me the green peas (from the movie) and I grabbed the bag of frozen fruit out of the freezer for her (the whole reason for the house visit in the first place).

Visit success!


I just want to keep making plans for people to visit! It’s so much fun…but maybe that’s just because of the cinnabon 😉

Tomorrow is Friday again and FND! Excited.


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