Day 90

Another Friday when LG came home early from work! While he showered, I ran to the grocery store to buy pasta (it’s on sale).

It was slightly mild today, so I went without a jacket, planning a quick in and out kinda of pasta run. I did, however, run into a few hiccups during this fast little trip.

FIRST- I took LG’s car since it was on the driveway. I pulled into the busy parking lot and drove into the first spot I saw. But! This wasn’t really a drive right in kind of spot; I had to turn to the right a little and then turn left a little to wiggle into it. It was just really awkward. I kept slightly bumping into the curb on my side of the car. LG’s car felt like a big lump in a tiny parking spot, and the car in front and to the left felt really close. Anyways, I just left it – not perfectly straight, but not touching the curb or any of the other cars!

SECOND- It took forever to find the pasta aisle. I don’t frequent this grocery store often, but for the sale I did. Usually they have a big display area with all the pasta in a big ol’ heap, so I round the back section. Not there. Hunted the aisles until I finally found the right one.

THIRD- I started to pile the pasta in my arms Gus Gus (Cinderella reference right there) style, but soon ran into the same predicament that he had encountered. The pile in my arms was getting too high. I ran to get a basket.

FOURTH- I picked a few of each of the ones that we like to stock up. Spaghetti, penne, baby shells, LG wanted linguine, elbow, and rotini (maybe some others that I can’t remember right now). I filled the basket. Now I had to decide: just pile it higher so it would be harder to carry or get another basket. UGH!

FIFTH- I piled it higher. It was only a few packages more really… I bent my knees (proper position to lift things: don’t use your back!) and summoned the strength to pick the basket up. This is when the little grocery boy decides to pay attention to my struggle, “do you want a basket, love?” Umm, who is your love? Boys.

SIXTH- The struggle wasn’t really lifting the full basket or carrying it over to the cash. The hard part was lifting it that much higher to get it on the belt! Big breath in…and success. The cashier made a comment: “oh, that’s a lot of pasta…” Mhmm, don’t need your commentary! Pasta was on sale and we’re on a budget and newlyweds and we’re stocking up! I found a box and re-piled all the pasta into it. I got out the car keys, picked up the box, and made my way out the door.

SEVENTH- Just as I was making my way to the car, a guy was just beeping his car to lock it (he parked right in front of me). I debated for a quick second: struggle to unlock and open the door by myself or ask a kind stranger for help. I asked for help, but the struggle was still real. I couldn’t get my thumb in a good position to get the door unlocked. After a few tries, he took the keys from me to unlock the door and open it for me.

All that for pasta on sale. Sigh.

By the time I got home, LG had finished his shower and packed the car with our jackets and the hat that I wanted my aunt to fix for me. I parked his car into the garage. He pulled the pasta from the backseat and brought it in the house. He did a quick check to make sure all the lights and appliances were off, and then we made our way to pick up my sister.

FND was calm tonight. It seemed that way anyways. Maybe because we’ve been able to go early the last few weeks, prepping dinner hasn’t felt so rushed (whereas other weeks when we make it just on time, I have to rush to get everything ready because no one else has). I was able to do the dishes and utensils and meds and still have time to sit for a little bit, listening to the kitchen bickering. I learned how my grandfather plans our Friday dinners. One steamed, one main, one veggie, and I think one that he makes up.

Tonight, I worked on my funny. After years of dinners I’ve always remained relatively quiet, but recently I’ve become more vocal at dinners – even making a few jokes 😀 I try not to overdo it though, otherwise my funny won’t be so funny. They were making plans to go to the car show this weekend. No thank you. Too far. Too many people. No, no, no. I have been once (maybe twice?) so it is perfectly acceptable for me to refuse. If anything, I’d go just for the family time 🙂



We have another full weekend coming up. Busy, busy and always eating; and full of family goodness and bonding.


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