Day 91

We were quite productive at home today – mostly LG, but I got some stuff done too!

Before I woke up, he ran a load of laundry, went to the bank and did a Walmart run for some CLR (we got some icky stuffs on our laundry machine). When he got home, he sprayed the CLR and let it sit a bit before scrubbing it out. Then he woke me up because he wanted to eat lunch. Sigh, couldn’t he eat without me?

We had lasagna again. And who can really post five hundred pictures of lasagna on their blog in one week? We packed up some egg salad and tuna salad for some appetizer type dip things for the famjam later on in the evening.


We put the laundry away and tidied a bit, and then I took a nap. I feel like LG might have continued to watch some Chinese movies, but I really don’t know. We started getting messages from my mom and sister, trying to figure out the logistics and plan for later on. One car or two? What time should we start getting ready? What time do we leave? When do we have to pick up the cake? What about the pig?

All of that nonsense when I was barely awake from my nap got me in a mood. I started to pinterest banana recipes. I found one that seemed kind of interesting – it got rid of the bananas and the (light) cream cheese that LG bought the other day. I asked him to make it, but in the middle of me asking him I somehow got it in my head that I wanted to do it. Um, what? I don’t bake.

Pretty much since October 2012 when I tried to bake cupcakes for LG’s (then the boyfriend) birthday and created a disaster instead, I swore that I wouldn’t ever bake again; and I told LG that if I ever got it in my head to try he was not to let me do it. But you see how well he listens to me, because there I was this afternoon – BAKING!

It went pretty well. Okay, it went fine. I got all the stuff ready and the measuring tools and things. I had the instructions ready on my laptop beside me. I followed everything, step by step. But still a couple of things went wrong. The recipe told me put two thirds of the batter into the pan and then the cream cheese filling and then put the rest of the batter on top. Totally put in more than two thirds so that when I went to cover the cream cheese, it was barely a layer. I tried to fix it with a chopstick and add little swirly shapes. I still had hope.



It came out of the oven smelling so good and it looked not bad at all. We just had to wait until we got to my aunt’s to cut into it and see how it turned out.

While it was baking, LG and I got all prettied up. Apparently someone had it in their head to get all nice looking for this famjam. We took a vote and comfy lost out to fancy by a slim margin. That’s okay, we just packed clothes to change into after.

Not bad though, right?


When we got to the house I set out the egg and tuna salads and then grabbed a knife to cut into the banana cake. I cut around the edges to loosen it up and then ran my knife for a nice slice off the end. It looked fantastic. I got a little excited inside but held it in. Good thing too, because I started to slice the rest of the loaf and raw batter and runny cream cheese flowed like a river. Never. Baking. Again. (Although, I want to try once more maybe…) I put it off to the toaster oven. We didn’t set the timer on the oven, assuming it would just stay on; but it kept timing out and we’d have to reset the temperature. I think maybe the temperature changes caused the baking fail. SAD.

The rest of the evening was kind of muted for me because of the lingering sad failing feeling I had going on inside. That being said, the food was so good. The roast tonight was particularly awesome. I think I want to try making that for just the two of us to practice.


Someone else had another idea: everyone write down a movie on a piece of paper and fold it up to put in the cup. We would draw a paper and whatever movie was on it, we had to watch it. It was The Internship. We got about 20 minutes through maybe, when we got called for cake. We sang, took pictures, and ate cake. When we were just about done that, we (the grown ups and the newlyweds) sat in a little ‘line’ (it’s a line if lines have curves in them…) to hand out the red pockets. Another red pocket hiccup there, I didn’t have one set aside for my far far away cousin. This hadn’t happened before when someone was out of the country; anyways, it was fixed and all was good.

The rest of the cousins got settled into a different movie – Catch Me If You Can, but it was cold in the basement and I didn’t really feel like focusing on a movie. LG and I played Crazy 8 Countdown instead. My sister sat with us doing Sudoku, and two other of my cousins were at the table on the laptops too.

I whooped LG’s pants in Countdown and opted to play War; but oh my goodness that games lasts forever. So we left. We drove my sister home.

When we go home, we threw out the banana slop since it had been sitting out all raw and whatnot. I unpacked our fancy clothes and then took a shower.

We have another family dinner tomorrow, which means another long day; but it’ll be a long family day, so that kind of makes it all better. PLUS! We’re going to this restaurant we haven’t been to that we used to go to all the time, and I’m super excited about that. Super. Excited.



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