Day 92

LG made me coffee and a smoothie this morning while I was getting ready, but when I got downstairs he wasn’t quite ready to leave yet since he was washing out the blender. I took that opportunity to dig into the hummus I bought the other day but had yet to open. I don’t know if I was just really hungry, but that hummus was hummy (no? not funny. okay.)! I alternated between feeding LG while he washed dishes and feeding myself. To get the hummus taste out of our mouths, we downed the smoothie before heading out the door for church.


After church Mom had a meeting, and my sister didn’t go; so we had lunch with a few of my cousins instead. I called Mom to call the restaurant to get them to save us a table. She wasn’t so happy about it – “they know you! Just call them!” But they don’t know me over the phone, so she called 😀

We got to the restaurant first, so I took charge and started to place our order – dumplings (steamed and fried), a soup noodle, and green onion pancakes. I wasn’t sure what we wanted for the next dish – a fried noodle or a fried rice? When they sat down, we decided on the fried noodle, and my cousin also added a mushroom veggie dish (yum).


The rest of the plans for the day were kind of up in the air since we had to leave not too soon after lunch to meet his family for an early dinner. My cousin asked us to make our drive just a bit farther to take the little cousin back to school. Of course! Afternoon plans made!

Little cousin played DJ on my car’s bluetooth which was a change of pace. Usually it’s my sister’s job, and usually we’re only in the car for 15ish minutes so we don’t get to hear that many songs. With B, we were in the car for quite some time, and she played a variety of songs 🙂 I also banged out a few crossword puzzles which felt really nice because I haven’t really tried in a while.

We drove towards her building but missed the parking lot. We had to go back out to the street to get there, and when we got to the parking lot in front of her building it was full! So we had to turn around again to find a spot. She showed us her little room, and then she handed me her little soap container so I could use the washroom. LG used the washroom after me, and while he was gone I asked B all the inner workings of living at school. I always commuted so I never knew the res life.

I’m not so sure how I would have handled it…

Not sure about the traffic and having exhausted all the questions I could think of about living at school, LG and I left and started to make our way to the restaurant. We got there about 45 minutes early, but after 15 minutes his mom called and asked us to get a table. We went in and not even 5 minutes later his parents and two brothers walked in. Five minutes after that, his grandparents came through the door. What promptness! If only my family could learn a thing or two…joking, kind of, sort of, maybe.


Like I said in the previous post, I was super excited to order my pasta. LG and I used to frequent this restaurant (chain) back in the day, but since we became an ‘old married couple’ way before we got married going out to eat started to be a bit of a luxury. It’s a four cheese penne that typically comes with cajun chicken on top, but I have always opted for the blackened basa instead. So. Good. I only finished half of it, so we took home the leftovers. That means I can savor it all over again another day! :’)


I drove home. Lately long drives in on and off traffic and specifically in the evening (although I feel it in the day too), I have been feeling very anxious and uncomfortable in the passenger seat. I used to put it off to being too full or being tired or a headache, but I just don’t like it. I figured if I drove, maybe it would take the uneasiness away. It was a bit better, but long drives are not for me.

We got gas since it’s been a bit cheaper lately, dropped off the stuff B gave us to take home for her, and then went home. LG and I watched a couple of Youtube videos, but he got sleepy eyes so turned around and went to sleep and I started this post.

Another long day. I’m glad to be back home and back in bed.

I ‘menu planned’ some ideas for this week; but generally, tomorrow is use up whatever is going to go bad soon, Tuesday will probably be a crockpot chicken, and Thursday – oh Thursday, sigh – we will try to do the tuna luna (maybe without the tuna because I used it all up). We’ll see how it goes!


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