Day 93

A has been feeling kind of down the last couple of days, so I met up with her before going home. We had a few side dishes to share. We sat and talked for a little while. Drama things. Grown up things. Funny things. Of course, after all that we totally browsed some handbags and wallets for a little bit. Girls can dream, right?


I had to leave to get home on time to start dinner. LG gets home much later than I do, but when I do things in between time sometimes gets away from me. The drive home wasn’t so fun; I was driving home from further away and there were more cars on the road than I’m used to…but I was able to take some time while in the car alone to talk to God and give him praise for the world he created.


I got home and prepared our dinner. I’d bought the spinach a little while ago when we had the lasagna. It was starting to look really sad in the package, so I knew I had to use that up – same with the mushrooms. I hadn’t taken any proteins out of the freezer in the morning which meant we were having a vegetarian night. Note to self to remember to take things out in the morning!


We had our sauteed mushrooms over rice. I forgot how much spinach shrinks, so we almost didn’t have enough for our meal. Thankfully, we had the leftover pasta from last night to finish up too.

After dinner, I cleaned up, and LG went to shower. I did a couple of crosswords while LG set up the gaming console. (I’d suggested last night that maybe we could start to play games together; I wonder how long before I regret that suggestion.) I was in the middle of creating my avatar when it was time to tune in to the Bachelor.

The episode didn’t have nearly enough drama to hold my attention, so I messaged L to tell me when the real drama llama was going to happen. I finished up my avatar, and then LG and I started our boxing match: Ali vs. Tyson. I don’t know if I completely understand how to control the guy, and it got a little intense for my thumbs (they’re not used to controlling buttons like that). We had to switch back to the show though so that I could see who went home (totally called that one by the way, knew it!).

When we went back to the game, LG’s guy knocked out my guy…twice. I asked him to find me another game. He brought up GTA and Sims. He helped me set it up and then went to bed. I stayed up a little while longer to set up my peeps. I bought a house unfurnished because I figured I could save a little money that way. I had my people and an empty house, and then I had no idea what to do after.

So I kept making them take baths and use the toilet…

I went to check to see just how asleep LG was. When he stirred a little, I poked him (great wife, I know). “I don’t know how to play!”

He got up and showed me the basics. He helped me find a job and showed me how to buy stuff. He went back to bed, and I struggled a bit longer. Then I saw how late it was. I started this post, and now I’m going to go to bed [because this game sucks :(].

Maybe I’ll try the game again tomorrow!



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