Day 94

On the way home, I rescued my sister from her paper writing cave. While she packed up her school stuff, I went through her closet to visit with all my old purses that she’d hidden deep within. I picked up one of the bags LG and I bought her for her birthday a couple of years ago: “you’re going to come live with me for a little bit.”

Finally, we were out the door and on the way [to my] home.

Today was another LG sets up the crockpot stuff (and I check on it at lunch) kind of days. But when we had taken the chicken out of the freezer, we noticed that we were on the last pack (Costco run soon?). Our crockpot only had potatoes and four chicken legs in it. We seasoned it like the roast we usually have at my mom’s famjams – dry onion soup mix.

So when my sister and I got home, and I realized I was going to have to feed her too; I had to try to find something else in the fridge that we could add to the dinner. I grabbed a baggie of the dumplings I’d made and frozen before. I’d also planned on having a plain-ish side pasta (inspired by one of the little girls who used to be at the centre).

LG likes the dumplings pan fried, but the last couple of times I kinda struggled. I’m not sure if it was because I boiled them for too long or maybe it was just human error when I was wrapping them. Regardless, I searched up “do I have to boil frozen dumplings before frying them”. I found one post that suggested microwaving and then counting to 15 and then putting them in the pan. I tried that. It worked, kind of. I boiled the pasta noodles, drained, and then mixed with butter (parmesan optional).


When LG was finished his shower, dinner was served. I even dished it out for my sister, because I’m the best sister ever (and for blog purposes).


I cleaned the dishes while LG started to get the garbage and recycling ready and my sister went back to her paper. I left the actual crockpot for LG to clean – my arms do not have that kind of scrubbing power.

Now, LG is peeling an orange, my sister is done her paper, and this blog post is just about done. We’ll probably take her home soon. It is after all a school night, and I have a headache.

For the record when we do crockpot chicken again, I’ll probably go back to my own seasoning marinade before trying the onion soup mix or coke soy sauce again. Or! I can try one of the stew mix packages that his sister had gifted along with the crockpot (I just don’t know how 1.5 lbs of chicken translates into drumsticks…).

Cross your fingers for tuna luna minus the tuna on Thursday. It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s bound to sooner or later, right?


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