Day 95&96

Ohh! A double post! Exciting, right? These only happen once in a blue moon [read: nights when I’m tired or lazy].

I had packed a small container of some leftovers to bring to babysitting with me. The mushroom to spinach ratio was not cool – especially as a leftover portion. Someone remind me to add more spinach next time.

I texted LG while babysitting and asked him to pick up some pretzels. I wanted to eat it with hummus like the kids do. Poor guy was so tired by the time I got home. He’d had a long night after work – dinner at his parents, gym things with his brother, a pretzel run for his wife, a shower, loading the laundry, moving the car, heating up food, and sitting with his wife – all before finally getting to bed.

He didn’t sit with me just to sit with me though. He ate a little bit of yogurt with banana to feed his body after the work out. He also had some of the chicken and rice his mom had made that I didn’t finish. I think the yogurt gave him a little boost of energy, because we sat at the table for a little bit, talking and eating pretzels with hummus.


He had spent some of the day out in the wet snow and rain, so I suggested he do a load of laundry and I’d wait up for it to move it into the dryer. He knocked out as soon as he got under the covers. I waited the half hour to change the laundry over and went to bed too. I’ve been feeling a little off this week – maybe because last week was a short week OR maybe because outside has been toying with my emotions: sunny and dry one day and the wet and snowy and rainy the next. Awful.

That feeling carried over to today. My stomach was playing something horrible, and I had no appetite. We all know I was planning (as I have been for the last few weeks now) to make tuna luna. That did not happen. I didn’t want to eat, let alone put dairy kind of product type food in me. Blech. I think I’m going to plan to make it at the beginning of the week so there’s no getting out of it. I was even going to make it without the tuna since we have no more in the house! Tuna luna fail (again)

I ran into Walmart to buy a chicken and some lettuce. Easy dinner. I didn’t have to cook anything, just shred the chicken and wash the lettuce. That’s when LG calls me and I find out that he had chicken and salad at work. Well then, what kind of wife would I be to feed my husband exactly what he had earlier in the day. I gave him the option of having a variation of chicken and salad again for dinner or we can go super basic Chinese for dinner.

He opted for super basic Chinese.

We had sunny side up turned over-easy eggs over rice with oyster sauce drizzled on top with a side of broccoli and cauliflower (boiled). Easy peasy.


Friday again tomorrow!

Hopefully my tummy calms itself, and my appetite will return for all the yummy dishes at FND.


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