Day 97

I think I’m getting sick.

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been feeling off all week, and as of the last couple of days it’s been getting a bit worse. LG thinks maybe it could be the stomach flu, but I really don’t feel sickly. I just feel upset stomach-y.

I haven’t really eaten. No appetite – not because food has been unappealing, but because I know what will happen when I eat.

Anyways, today I avoided food. I had crackers and a boiled hot dog (lol, but really I didn’t want anything oily or salty or sweet or creamy); I tried some ginger ale in case I’m just gassy. It sat in my stomach, and it felt fine for a little bit. It started to get achy, but not as bad as yesterday. I looked up some videos to see if there were any massage tips on rubbing better an achy tummy. I found a few, but the one with the techniques that we actually tried were in this video.

LG was off work early again today, so after his shower I showed him the video. He tried a few of the moves but most of the time he did the circular clockwise motions with his hands. In the other videos, we learned that movement helped digestion in the intestines. Maybe I’m achy because I’m not digesting properly (or maybe something is stuck, ew).

I actually felt a lot better after the tummy rub. He also massaged my lower back because I was feeling some pain there too.

By the time we got to my grandfather’s, I was feeling super (especially compared to how I was feeling all day)! I got the dishes and stuff ready, I did the meds, and I did some catching up with my sister. When we finally got to the table to eat, I was so excited. Dad made ginger duck. Today was actually not as good as the other times he’s made it (sorry, Dad). Other times it’s been more gingery or something – just better than tonight (still good though). The sauce the duck sits in was yummy, and I drizzled it all over my rice. It was so good that I even refilled my rice bowl (hesitantly, but I still did it).

I was feeling okay after dinner. People weren’t really raiding the fridge for ice cream because my aunt had brought some raspberry shortbread tart-like thing. No thanks for the tart for me, but my grandfather showed us the new ice cream he had bought. Oh my goodness.

I leaned over to LG, “Can I have ice cream?”

“Does your stomach hurt?”


Totally made myself an ice cream cone. Totally loved it. Totally regretted it ten minutes later.


We dropped my sister off and went straight home. I got comfy and curled into bed. LG offered to rub my tummy again. I accepted, but it didn’t seem to help as much as earlier. I even thought of putting off this post to try to sleep it away, but it’s really bothering me.

We have a pretty busy weekend too. Sigh.

For the record: I am giving my stomach until Monday to get better, otherwise I will make an appointment to see the doctor.


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