Day 98

Late post, for the record. I’m writing this the next day, and this weekend feels like a month has gone by; I can barely remember yesterday.

I had another sleep in morning while LG (the early riser of this couple) went and did productive things (like starting a load of laundry, going to the gym, getting gas, and contacting the windshield people). When he got back I got out of bed, and we went downstairs to eat.

I think at that point my tummy was still kind of iffy. LG said to have some toast before I tried to eat anything else. He had some chicken wraps or deconstructed chicken salad (I don’t know, we have to figure out a name for it still); basically we wash the lettuce, shred the chicken, and then put the chicken on top of the lettuce and drizzle some dressing on top. The toast was blah (figure it out later it was because he put unsalted butter on it, lame), but my stomach was okay. We cleaned up the dishes and then got to work getting the rest of the house ready.


I switched the laundry over and started a new load. He vacuumed (that’s his thing, he gets so proud of the vacuum lines on the carpet :p). I scrubbed the tub – not for presentation’s sake, but because it needed a scrub. When he finished vacuuming, he ran out to the store to buy some storage shelves for our basement mess. Meanwhile, I folded and put away the laundry, straightened the bed, tidied the living room, and readied the snacks for small group.

I thought back to A and K’s house when we got there for small group for inspiration. I cleared the coffee table of the remotes and junk and replaced it with snacks – pretzels, chips, and seaweed! I also set up a little drink station too – a carafe of water, a bottle of juice, mugs, jasmine green tea bags, black tea bags, instant Korean coffee, plastic cups, and a sharpie :).

We had a praise and prayer session for small group instead of a Bible study session. I was very encouraged about how we looked at the Lord’s prayer from different angles, considering the depth of the few verses. LG and I also talked after about how we feel so blessed with this home and that God is using it for his glory. We look forward to what else God has in store for us and our home!


After most of the people left, we tried to coordinate dinner with E and S and all them peoples. It got confusing, as always – you can ask M about it later, she can attest to our difficulties. We’d had plans with my sister and my mom, but nothing had been firm and ugh the nightmare that is dinner plans (or lunch or dim sum or anything that has to do with food).

It ended up that E and S went to have dinner on their own, and we went to go pick up my sister and meet my mom for dinner. On the way to dinner, we stopped by my dad’s to drop off a book bag for my sister (she was carrying a book and her reading glasses in a plastic bag to FND, what kind of sister would I be if I let her keep doing that!). I called my dad to let him know we left it by the door.


We ended up at our go to – which we actually haven’t ‘go to-ed’ in a long time. I took a picture of the first few dishes to arrive just to make sure I got a picture before I got to engrossed in feeding myself. Good food and good times with good people (*kisses!). Dinner finished much earlier than we had anticipated. Mom left with the peoples to drive them home, and the ‘we’ (me, LG, and sister) headed to the movie theatre to hobo in the parking garage until the movie started.

The movie didn’t finish until laaaaaaaate. Dropped my sister off and knocked ooooouuuuttt. Hence this post that is late and slightly overdue. On to the next one!


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