Day 99

Today, we spent all day at church – not really but nearly.

We had to get up a bit earlier to get ready this morning because we had to get all fancy for his (I guess our niece…weird that I have nieces and nephews now) niece’s baptism! I was doing really good on time, and LG was downstairs getting stuff ready; but somehow we were still late for church. Okay, not somehow…I couldn’t figure out what to wear.

Nevermind that because I eventually figured it out and we made it into the car. My husband the good man that he is made tater tots for the drive to church! Ugh, if tater tots don’t say I love you then I don’t know what does. I also had my coffee on the drive down too. Yum.


Church ended rather early and we had the weekly debate of where to go for lunch. Except this week there was the added headache of ‘do we even have time for lunch when we have to be at the baptism far away by 2pm’. Looooong story short, we did go for lunch, and we ended up at the same place we had lunch last week. See, it’s hard and loud and frustrating but we never end up hungry do we?

We had just enough time to sit and eat and talk (just a wee bit) before we had to leave (for the record, I wanted to write “before we had to jet”, but I thought nope can’t pull off that kind of talk and changed it).

We made it there in good time! I was designated amateur phone photographer. His sister had the fancy camera with the really, really good shots, but I didn’t do so bad (if I do say so myself!). Baby C did a really good job through the whole thing. She stayed happy and content :). After the ceremony, a swarm of people flooded in and we reverse osmosis-ed our way out of there. I helped K with changing baby into comfy clothes, and then we walked them to the car.

We headed to their house for cake and coffee, and I took my duty as party helper. LG helped me lay out the plates while I cut the cake (K’s mom smiled and said that I make such a great hostess – are you proud, Momma? K said she’s going to text you to tell you I’m a good girl :D, but she doesn’t even have your number…). Then since the table wasn’t clearing because no one was coming to get cake, we went to pass it out as well. My tummy was sore and I was hot in the house and my head started to hurt, so I sat quietly and tried to smile for the rest of the time.

Slowly people started to clear out. I collected the cups and plates around the house. I was over-eager and accidentally threw out someone’s coffee! Note to self to ask bystanders if they are the owners of any cups nearby. Oops. When everyone was gone, I cleared the cake and coffee table so that LG could help J fold the table down and move the other table back over. They brought the chairs back, and then we reset baby’s play area. We sat for just a bit longer, but everyone needed rest and bed so we left.

Once the car pulled into the driveway, I let myself out and ran to the shower. LG was sweet and took care of the rest. We’d brought our winter jackets anticipating the cold and worn our lighter jackets to brace us for the morning’s chill – we ended up wearing neither by midday. He also brought back the container and cups and all the extra shoes I’d brought (flats and heels and comfy shoes, always be prepared – just like Scar sang in Lion King).

By then we had a hard decision to make – sleep right then for the rest of the night or eat. We opted to eat, but then what would we eat.

We ordered pizza. It was awesome.

Tomorrow I’m going to make tuna luna without the tuna. I have been planning to make it every week for like a month now and it just hasn’t happened. Tomorrow. It is going to happen. AH!


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