Remember when I was determined to make tuna luna (without the tuna) tonight? Ya, that didn’t happen.

Today was day 100 of us being married, and it happens to fall on a leap year (leap day?)! We decided to go out for dinner to ‘celebrate’ tonight instead of staying home. Of course, the weather outside was frightful (especially after such a beautiful weather, double digit temperature day yesterday), but that didn’t stop us.

I was doing my nails when I heard the door unlock around 5. I ran downstairs to see who the intruder was; but it wasn’t an intruder – it was my husband bearing a bouquet of roses. He had finished work early and made a quick stop for flowers and a surprise chocolate bar (random, I know lol). He showered, I got myself pretty (which meant putting on eyeliner), and then we braced ourselves for the cold.

We decided to try a different location instead of the one we default to. Now that we live [slightly] far away, we’re in between locations. On the drive up, LG was so worried about them not offering his pecan sirloin anymore. (His go to steak used to always be the pecan sirloin and then they took it off the menu! A couple of visits ago, they started to offer it as a special. Tonight the waitress said that they might consider putting it back in the menu, so LG is very excited!). We were seating in the back in a corner. I was worried that we would be forgotten back there, but we had very good service.

We started with bread, escargot, and a salad. I had the New York strip, and LG got his pecan sirloin (obvi). Earlier in the day when I was thinking about dinner, I thought it would have been nice to share a dessert, but since I got my own steak this time that was definitely out of the question. Usually I just have the bread and escargot and then LG would share a bit of his steak with me. Tonight having my own steak was a major feat, and I didn’t even finish the whole thing.


We’ve been married 100 days! I’ve been looking through our honeymoon pictures, and I realized that I never even posted on Instagram during the honeymoon – there was only one picture and it was a throwback Thursday. Maybe I’ll do some more wedding posts and a honeymoon post soon.

Can’t wait to see what the next 100 days brings for us!


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