Aaaaaaaaat laaaaaaaaast, it has finally happened.

I have been planning on making tuna luna for a month now. Something always came up or I decided to make something else instead. Even this week, I tried to switch it up and plan to make it on Monday, but then we last minute decided to go out for dinner. I was going to just leave it and give up on it forever, because I’d planned to make something else tonight; but when I looked at the board I saw that I’d planned to make soup with tomatoes and we don’t have any tomatoes.

I’d had it in my mind to give up on the tuna luna so I was just going to make some kind of soup noodle. But that didn’t happen! I made the tuna luna without the tuna [but with chicken instead]!

LG was actually home early again tonight. While I got dinner ready, he went to the basement to start putting together one of the shelves we bought over the weekend. We’ve started quite the mini hoard down there, and it was starting to drive me crazy seeing this all in a line and forming a large mass (even though LG did a really good job keeping it organized and not a giant pile of stuff).


In the time that it took me to make dinner, he had unboxed and put together one shelf. I cleaned up a little bit and dished it out, while he opened and prepared the second shelf. We ate and then switched roles! He cleaned up and started a baking process, and I went downstairs to try to put the second shelf up. I struggled a little bit, but got the hang of it after the first layer. LG was trying to make the cream cheese filled banana bread that I so totally failed a couple of weeks ago. He’s actually the better baker of the two of us (probably because he is much more patient that I am).

While the banana bread baked, we cleaned up together and reorganized the kitchen space. He went downstairs to start putting things on the shelf while I pulled extra things that we’d had stored in the shelves and cupboards in our kitchen and put them by the basement door for him to bring down. We brought down extra pasta, extra tupperware, and medium sized appliances we don’t use all the time. We also got the blue and green bins ready to take outside in the morning.

After all that we still had time to wait for the banana bread. We sat to play some games. He put in Halo. Did not enjoy. Nope. In fact, it was making my headache much worse. Thankfully, the oven dinged. It looked a little better than mine, and it seemed more cooked than mine. One thing that happened with LG’s bread was when he tried to pour the covering layer of banana on top, it sunk right through the cream cheese layer which didn’t happen for me. Long story short, the cream cheese filling was lost and even though we thought it was baked through it wasn’t. Fail again. He also used a different recipe than I did. Sigh. Third time’s the charm?

We had cookies and milk and a pear to share while we tried a different game. NHL ’08 or something like that – a game that we borrowed from my uncle. I did quite well, except for the fact that I kept going offside (see the blue line?). I lost the first game because I shot on my own net (by accident!), the second game I won in overtime, and the third game I won. I think I can do better actually, because I don’t know how to tackle or steal the puck :(. But at least we found a game that we’re both equally sucky at (well, maybe he is a little more than me :p) and that we can play together!


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