LG came home early again (all week so far!), which means that we had dinner earlier – which means that we had so much more time for activities tonight!

I prepped the salmon all up in the tin foil (salt, pepper, onions, butter, and soy sauce) and put it in the fridge. To accompany it, I readied some tofu fish squares, the other half of the onion, bacon, and green beans (French style because I bought the wrong bag, sad) to stir fry all together as a side. I decided against rice or a plain pasta to go with it because LG had been low key complaining about all the pasta he’s had this week (at work, at his mom’s, and with me at home).

No carbs tonight, just bacon!

Had to make a collage of it all from different angles because it was just that good. Okay, it wasn’t that good, but I think it’s (the salmon) definitely going to be one of the go-to dishes of this happily ever after for us.


We cleaned up and got comfy for some pro hockey – skill level: Nicole. But just as we were getting comfy, I asked LG to cut me an apple…

He did. He also peeled himself an orange. But while he did that, I played against the computer. Should not have done that; for a couple of reasons. First, it tired out my thumb. I get all anxious and excited when I play games, I don’t know how to use the controllers gently; thus a tired and strained thumb. Second, I am still new to the game (seeing as that was only the second time we played), and even though I know how to played kind of, I don’t know how to defend which led to a score of 4-2. Sad.

By the time LG came to sit with me, I was all down and sad. We munched on our fruits – I’d requested a glob of peanut butter with my apple (go try it and then come back and thank me). Finally we got to playing, but I was still sad because somehow LG figured out how to get good. By the last round, I won and decided that we were all done. Gotta end on that high note, right?


We ended the fun activities with watching the Amazing Race on demand. I’ve never watched before but this season is a social media icon season which got me a little interested (interested enough to tune in at least). Watching the show, I just can’t help but imagine me and LG on it and racing and doing all those challenges – which is totally new for me; I’m all about the reality TV, but I’ve never imagined myself to be on the show before (well, maybe on the Bachelor…). It seems majorly stressful and exhausting and I don’t know if I’d be able to handle it. I know though that if it ever was the two of us in a situation like that I’d only be able to get through it with LG. I’d be the hysterical one that everyone tunes in to see how I freak out on that episode, and LG would have to be the calm and cool and collected one who drags me along all supportive and stuff.

Yeah, no thanks. I’d rather be on Masterchef Top Model Top Chef Hell’s Kitchen Project Runway …no, nevermind, no reality TV shows for me.


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