Uh oh. Was I slacking or was I slacking? I was slacking. Hence the triple post.


LG was home early on Friday. We were able to go to my grandfather’s early to help cook and get everything ready. I don’t know if I was just really hungry that night, but I was pretty grumps. Everyone was getting on my nerves – even LG.

Dinner was also unusually quiet. We talked and chatted a bit; but there was no uproar, no belly laughs, no red faces from yelling. We were calm, cool, and collected. It was just different. Maybe because we were also missing a couple of people…but we’ve missed a few here and there before, but it wasn’t ever that quiet. Blue moon?

I was grumpy even during dinner, so I made myself an ice cream cone and that seemed to help tremendously. My dad and uncle are going to be away next week, so my grandfather asked if we were still going to have dinner. My aunt and I raised our arms in the air – whaaaaat, what are we, chopped liver? So we’ll be having dinner, and I even specially requested a dish. Super excited.



LG did his usual be-productive-in-the-morning thing. He went to the bank and the gym and got an oil change. He went to the mall and brought back chicken from the food court. We opted to try to get just chicken instead of two separate combos like usual and see how that worked out. I fried leftover rice and boiled some broccoli and cauliflower as sides. Not bad, and it turned out to be a little cheaper too. But still, it just wasn’t the same with all the good ol’ food court grease.


We had plans to go to his sister’s later on that evening for a game night. I decided to pop some popcorn to bring over as a snack! After we cleaned up we took a nap, because we could and because we had time. Before it was time to go, LG fried up some breakfast sausages until they were an unhealthy disease-causing shade of burnt. That’s why they looked not so cute – still yummy though. He also heated up some mozzarella sticks. Yum.

The house got all smokey from the sausages, so we opened up the back door to air it out. I also had LG spray some Glade all over before we left too (the house still smelled sausagey when we got home though…). We made our way to the SIL’s house, got comfy at the table with our water and snacks, cuddled up with the baby boo, and started to play Cards Against Humanity.

I don’t know if I like that game very much. I didn’t find it as amusing as I’ve heard it to be. Maybe I’m too boring or not a horrible person (like the box says, a game for horrible people). I didn’t get very many points, and the points that I did get I think were by accident! It was okay to play, but I don’t know that I’ll play it again – or at least I won’t be asking to play it! It was really nice to spend time with SIL though :).


We got home super late. I wished LG good luck getting me up the next morning and then we went to sleep.


This morning, LG told me he was going downstairs to get stuff ready and that I had to get up soon. He asked if he needed to come back up to make sure I was out of bed. I shook my head no. Fifteen minutes later, he came back up and asked me what happened. I told him I forgot to wake up. Sigh. But he made tater tots, and we all know those tots are the way to my heart (they’re like fries and hashbrowns all in one, that’s love).

You’d also be happy to note that we did not have any drama (okay, barely any) when trying to decide what to have for lunch today! It was the weirdest thing. LG even asked me if I was all right. We ended up having Vietnamese with my cousins and N lol, and my mom had lunch with one of my aunties. My sister missed church, so she drove down to meet us for lunch. We waited for her to arrive before we ordered which left us lots of time to bond! Finally she sat down, we ordered and ate, and then we all said bye. They all went off, my sister went to a friend’s, and LG and I hit up the Asian grocery store.

After that we stopped by my grandfather’s for a little bit. He was making some kind of something with my aunt in the kitchen. No idea and didn’t ask. We had a little sampling of the something sweet, and left to go to the next errand of the day. We dropped off the first grocery haul at home (it was sunny and slightly warm so we didn’t want to leave it in the car) before going to Walmart.

We had a list, and we stuck to it – except for the yogurt (but we forgot to put it on the list), the strawberry and chocolate milk (but the carton is pink!), dip (for the bag of chips we’d lost at the back of the pantry), and ice cream and cones (the price was just too good for LG to pass up).

By the time we got back home, it was pretty late into the afternoon – practically evening. We put everything away so that we wouldn’t have to worry about it later. We played with the face swap thing, just because everyone was doing it (I know, we’re lemmings); and I must say either LG looks really good with longer hair OR I look really good with a beard…

Anyways, my mom started texting me and wanted to get free coffee, but we wanted to rest so we told her that we’d all have dinner together later on when my sister finished her shift.



We have some big plans for this week’s dinners. Cross your fingers for us!


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