When I plan our dinners for the week, I think about what we have in the fridge that we can use and build dishes around that; then I add missing ingredients to the board. For tonight’s dinner, I’d bought the Classico sauces that MIL uses for dinners sometimes. I didn’t want to plan for chicken, so I thought maybe we could try to do meatloaf which we haven’t done in our home yet.

We bought the meat over the weekend, and last night LG mixed it all up and prepared the loaf for me to put in the crockpot. It was the cutest little mini meatloaf ever – just about the length of my hand. He wrapped it in plastic wrap so it would keep its shape (my brilliant suggestion).

Lots of people make meatloaf in crockpots on pinterest. One of the suggestions I found was to line the inside with tin foil so that you could lift the meatloaf out easier. So last night, I made a little tin foil boat that way I didn’t have to worry about it today. I spooned a bit of sauce as a base into the foil boat, put the loaf on top of that sauce, and then slathered some more sauce on top.

LG left me instructions to use the whole jar, but I only used half. I figured he was used to using the whole jar because the other times he’s made this the loaf was much larger. We only had 1 lb of meat (plus whatever he mixed into it). I saved the rest of the jar, thinking we could use it on top of the rice.


When I got home this afternoon, the house smelled so yummy! I was very optimistic about dinner tonight. (Really though, the smells had very little to do with me since it was a jar sauce…)

A came over to sit with me a little bit. We did boring things like sit and stare at each other. Oh, we talked a little bit too :p. LG came home, showered, and when he came back downstairs we were still on the couch. He started dinner – he turned on the burner for the rice to cook and the other for the sauce to warm up, he cut into the meatloaf to make sure it was ready.

Then he started asking me questions: is the rice ready, what do you want to eat with, should I heat up the beans, what do you want to drink. So I got up, and we put dinner together. He dished out the rice and set the table. I put the meatloaf onto a dish and then portioned out our plates. A had a little sample of our first homemade meatloaf and nodded her head in approval (she might have just been hungry).


I took her upstairs since she hadn’t been over since before we even got married and we had almost nothing in the house. Now our home is lived in and has our stories on some of the walls 🙂 She laughed because it looks like I take up most of the closet; which might be true, but he has like almost the entire dresser full of his clothes! I also took her down to the basement to show her our little mini hoard shelves. They aren’t full yet, but LG says that just because there’s space doesn’t mean we have to fill it. Well, okay then…

She left to go home, and LG and I sat to talk on the couch a little bit with some ice cream – cone for me and a small bowl for him. We were both headaching so we didn’t sit for long. I showered and he went to sleep.

My sister messaged and made a special request for a dinner on Thursday. I think while I babysit tomorrow night, LG will go buy the missing ingredients and prep the dinner. We’re going back to basics with this one (no added ingredients), so cross your fingers (until Thursday) it’ll be yummy in our tummies 😀


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