Now I don’t normally like to talk about things other than home and family, but tonight we had so much fun at babysitting. It was fort night (see what I did there?). She had such a great time, and it was an easy-ish night for me laying on the floor and playing with A. We were all set for our evening – our dog, a flashlight, some snacks, and a few pillows. It made me want to build a fort with LG at home…but I guess that’s what a house is (a real life fort, haha).


LG got home really late tonight, almost at the same time as when I finished. He had finished work late (or regular hours compared to how he’s been leaving work early), went to have dinner with his parents, went to the gym, and went to pick up missing ingredients all before getting home. He prepped the itty bitty parts for the sauce, while I heated up the leftover soup and boiled up some macaroni to eat (which was bomb even as a leftover, I might add).


I cleaned up his little trail of messes as he was cooking the sauce – better to clean up as you go rather than clean a giant mess at the end (L family tip of the day – Dad’s side). I cleaned my pot and bowl, the cutting board and knives, rinsed the cans and threw them in the blue bin, and wiped up the counter a bit.

As his sauce sat to simmer and cook he went up to shower, and I stayed to watch the pot with strict instructions to keep an eye on it and stir gently.


So I did.

He came back down to relieve me of my duties, and I sat to write this post and look up some more crockpot tips and tricks – we’re planning tomorrow’s dinner to be made in it.

Did you know a crockpot is like a mini oven? If your crockpot is too big for what you want to make, you can put the food in an oven safe dish and then put it in. You can bake bread in a crockpot (LG wants to try this). I learned a few other things too, but those are the ones that have stood out the most for us.

I’ll be the one babysitting the pot after it’s done cooking while it cools so that I can put it away until tomorrow; but LG cut an apple up for me so that I can snack on it with some peanut butter. He also cut up the extra parts of the green pepper so that I can use it with dip 🙂

It’ll be the first time it’s cooked in a crockpot tomorrow, so again…cross your fingers!


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