Last night LG prepped the sauce so that all I had to do was layer the lasagna.

Sometimes when we make lasagna we have trouble knowing exactly when it’s ready – probably because we try to stay away from the regular oven as much as possible so we don’t just throw it in at the recommended time and temperature. We use the toaster oven more often than not, and I think because it’s a smaller space and the food is closer to the heat even if we set the time and temperature as suggested it doesn’t always turn out the same.

This time we tried the [handy dandy] crockpot and we did it with just sauce noodles and cheese (no added spinach or mushrooms like last time). It actually worked out really well, everything was cooked properly and it didn’t even burn on the sides or the bottom (maybe because I buttered all the sides!). The only thing is that it doesn’t fit that much noodler per layer – two long ones in the centre and then a half on each side.

We made lasagna again (it wasn’t that long ago we had it for Valentine’s Day) as a special request from my sister which is why my mom and sister came over to join us for dinner – as they should since we made it for them!


After dinner my mom got really comfy on the couch, all cuddled up in the blankets. My sister was enjoying the music that was playing off the TV, and LG was cleaning up. Usually, my mom sits for a tiny little bit and then decides she’s tired so they go home; but this time she was so comfy and we hadn’t all spent that much time together that we had good talks.


Me: “Mom, stick you foot out so I can take a picture.”

Mom: -sticks out two feet- “Here, take another one!”

One foot was good enough!

Not soon after they left, A and Y arrived for a little board game night thing. A brought bbt and sushi. We sat and ate a little bit together, talking and remembering how we all become friends – A and I used to date the same guy (not at the same time, her first and then me!). Then we cleared the table to play Monopoly. A bought the Empire version of it which had a completely different strategy than old school Monopoly and a lot more fast paced. I only won the last round out of like a hundred, and then we stopped playing to have a little selfie-shoot.

By the time they left, it was too late for me to finish this post; hence the double post. I cleaned up and packed food away before getting into bed.

I think the late night really played a part in how my day went today. I had an awful headache and was in such a bad mood that I almost cried (oh, the drama). I was sleeping by the time LG got home (much later than usual), and he had to drag me out of bed to get ready to go to my grandfather’s for FND.

When we got there my aunt was at the stove with my grandfather, and K was setting up the table. I stopped by the table to check her work and then went to the kitchen to get the plates and bowls all ready. Since we got there so late, I did the rice not even five minutes after our arrival – it was time to eat!



It was special requested dish tonight, and it was oh my goodness so good. It was so good that I deemed it worthy to have it’s own photo tonight to stand apart from the group photo!

Tonight we tried to figure out the Easter dinner situation but didn’t really come to any conclusions. We did figure though that my mom’s side already booked one day a long time ago, and his family had scheduled their dinner and booked us almost a month ago. That just left the tail-ends of the long weekend which don’t really work for anyone, so I guess this might be our first official choose a side and next year we’ll be with the other side kind of thing.

Good thing it’ll all be blogged so I can remember for next year.

For the record (since I hadn’t blogged it), we were able to have our Christmas with everyone in 2015 (our first holiday and dinner madness after we got married). We did Christmas Eve with my mom’s side and his mom. Christmas day we were back at his mom’s for breakfast and then dinner with my dad’s side. On Boxing day we went to see his grandparents. We were so glad to be able to make it to all the dinners, but with holidays that only span a long weekend it’s hard to space it all out and all the dinners happen on the same day (like Easter and Thanksgiving).

Sigh. This is probably why people lived in villages and all close together in clans back in the day – to avoid all the dinner madness!

How do you spend your holidays with you families? Alternating years? Squish everyone in and cut all the evenings short just to see everyone? Don’t see anyone? Host your own dinner?


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