It felt like a really long week this week. Maybe because LG was back to his regular long work hours; but despite the sunshine and warmer temperatures, we were both exhausted by the weekend.

That’s why we decided to do nothing yesterday. LG thought we could maybe sleep in, eat a little bit, and the go for a walk; but even that didn’t happen. We rested and lazed around. While we ate leftovers galore, we played the Monopoly Empire game that I played with A and Y the other night. I can hardly remember what we did – that how filled with nothing our day was. (OH! We did laundry.)


I do remember though that J and K and baby C came over to visit. They were in the area for dinner and we asked them if they wanted to pop by since they haven’t seen the house yet. They stayed for a little bit, but it was plenty of time for baby cuddles. C was very happy on her second wind of energy, seeing as it was past her bedtime. Near the end of the night while she was sitting with LG, her energy waned and she rested on his lap.


They’d had a long day and had a long drive home so they left soon after.

LG and I had our dinner then – our leftover leftovers – then cleaned up and got ready for bed. I felt really tired and fell asleep early (partly because I was tired and partly because I forced myself since we lost an hour of sleep!).


I woke up unusually easily when LG shook me awake (rude). Although I did get ready rather slowly, we were late because of LG…kind of. He came up to check on me while I was doing my eyeliner, and I asked if he had made the tater tots. He said no because we had no more. I looked at him all crazy eyes, “We just bought a new pack last week! Are you playing with me? There’s tots downstairs and you’re just playing aren’t you?!” But he wasn’t playing. He ran downstairs to put them in the toaster oven. So we were late because of the tots – was it my fault because I wanted them or his fault because he forgot we had them? To be fair, he did make the coffee and the smoothie 🙂


After church we went to lunch with my mom, sister, and one of my cousins. We found out that one of my BFF waiters (he’d bring us our usual drinks and a little plate of fries before we even ordered – maybe because we went so often but also maybe because he was nice to us lol) doesn’t work there anymore! Shock my pants off, omg. We got over the news quickly though because the other waiter who is still there is really nice to us too, and he helps me dilute my drinks.

My sister had work so she left lunch before us to get there on time. My mom left to go home to take a nap, and we invited my cousin over to play Monopoly. My cousin followed us home, and we played for a long time (we got a lot of games in too since it’s so much more fast paced than regular Monopoly). When my cousin left to go home for dinner, LG and I contemplated turning in super early and skipping dinner.

We decided to eat a little bit of something since we didn’t want to wake up starving. While he prepared dinner, I stayed in bed and rested (aka I totally fell asleep). We had frozen meatballs with gravy over rice. Simple and fast and so much better than boring spaghetti – for me anyway.



LG tidied up. I considered just getting back into bed and not writing this post, but that would just be super procrastination and my memory really doesn’t do that well that I would be able to recall details from days ago; so I showered which woke me up a little bit and got down to work.

We decided against going to the grocery store this weekend. We really have just about enough to last us through the week, and my mom is off and asked us over for dinner some time this week as well so we might just have to take her up on that offer (maybe all week! ;D).


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