This is going to sound a little redundant (at least it feels redundant to say), but I was very headache-y today. I blame it on the clouds. It’s supposed to rain all week long too, so that should be really fun… I also didn’t so well in remembering to eat (like anything) which probably didn’t help the pain.

I got home (much) later than tonight, almost at the same time as LG. He called me on the way home and said that he would cook tonight so I can rest up. I did however make a smoothie the moment I stepped in the door to get some sugar in me.

I told LG that the smoothie would hold me over for a little bit so he could go shower and I would prep the veggie. I cut off the ends and put them in the strainer to be washed. By that time, LG finished his shower and took over. I sat on the couch and readied myself for the Bachelor finale (let’s not talk about it).


We had dinner on the couch tonight, and I was pretty much planted there for the rest of the night while LG got up and down, clearing dishes and cleaning the kitchen and making snide remarks at Ben and Lauren and Jojo. What a hater.

He also found the bath bombs hiding in our linen closet that my sister had gifted to us (me). He cut one in half (because we googled it and it said that we could) and ran the water to draw me a bath. He was about to get into bed but popped his head back in the washroom, “so…when are you going to put it in?” He wanted to want it sizzle and fizzle so I let him do it.


I got in the bath and he got into bed to sleep. It was really nice, but I couldn’t help but wonder what bath bombs would be like in a hot tub! When I got out, I realized that I smelled so good; and you know what else, I’m so soft all over right now – such a nice feeling after the cold, dry weather made my skin all cold and dry.

Bath bombs = yes.


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